Breath of the Wild: Can You Repair Weapons

Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can sometimes be infuriatingly brittle. With every swing of your sword or swish of your bow, your weapon is losing durability and inching closer to breaking entirely. This applies to every weapon in the game (except one), not just the dime-a-dozen iron sledgehammers or woodcutting axes. Unfortunately, weapon repair is not possible in Breath of the Wild, and there are so many great weapons to use it can be downright heartbreaking to lose one forever. Fortunately, there are some exceptions to this weapon perma-death rule that can save a player some heartache.

The Hylian Shield

After venturing into Hyrule Castle’s Lockup and defeating the Stalnox, the player will receive the Hylian Shield – the best shield in the game. The Hylian shield’s defense is a hefty 90 points, but with a durability of 800, it’s not totally indestructible. Unlike the Lightscale and Ceremonial Tridents, the Hylian Shield can not be taken for repair, but it can be purchased again. Once the “From the Ground Up” side quest is completed, the player can buy the Hylian Shield from the hidden merchant, Granté, in Tarrey Town. Unsurprisingly though, the Hylian shield is priced at 3,000 Rupees, so players planning on cycling through purchases of the shield should save save save.

The Master Sword

Of course, the one exception to the breakable weapons rule is the legendary Master Sword, which doubles its damage while in the presence of evil. Instead of breaking, the Master Sword loses energy, once all of its energy has been depleted it will explode like it were breaking when, actually, its just recharging in Link’s inventory. This takes about ten real world minutes, and the player will receive a notification when the Master Sword is once again ready for use.

The Workaround

Another solution to the problem of no weapon repair is to make your weapons last longer. It’s wise not to waste stronger weapons on weak enemies, saving them instead for only the toughest monsters and bosses. Carry a common weapon around – like the iron sledgehammer – to use on weak and 1 HP enemies like Keese or Moblin skeletons. The sledgehammer may not be particularly strong, but it is highly durable and can stay with a player for a while as they level up. These are great strategies for players who are just starting their Breath of the Wild adventure and aren’t yet in a place to obtain powerful items like the Lightscale Trident and Hylian Shield.

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