Breath Of The Wild Bears Are Useless For A Speedy Getaway

When trying to make a quick get away from an advancing enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is highly recommended not to opt for a bear as your trusty steed in times of peril.

When Breath of the Wild released in 2017, its vast open-world map drew in fans old and new. With an abundance of Koroks hidden within the foliage (Seriously, how are you meant to find them all?), collectible gems in secluded mountainside ore deposits, and skittery critters passing players by, the flora and fauna within Breath of the Wild is as engaging as it is beautiful. And yet, while this vast range of wildlife that creates just as much of the game’s personality as the uncovered memories is truly mesmerizing, it is not always that useful.

While many players have found great amusement in riding some of the larger animals within Hyrule from point A to B, including stags and the mystical Lord of the Mountain, there are times when the old faithful horse (or even just legging it on foot) is the best option. This was discovered by redditor Davi_Vasc, as they tried to flee from the bouldering and icy mass of a Frost Talus in the Gerudo Highlands.

As the overworld enemy advances on a rosy-cheeked Link, Davi_Vasc tries to flee, rather unconventionally, on the back of one of the many bears that inhabit the snow-covered region. The bear, however, does not feel the same sense of urgency as its rider clearly does. Instead of putting its fluffy and muscular mass into action, the bear simply adopts a casual saunter. This is despite efforts from Link to spur it forward and away from harm. Needless to say, both the Princess’ champion and the bear are soon on the receiving end of a glacial bashing and a diminished health bar. Ouch!

Even though Breath of the Wild has now been out for almost four years, players are continually finding new and creative ways of completing each aspect of the game. From amazing trick shots to a simple reimagining’s of shrine completion, Breath of the Wild continues to draw fans back in thanks to its open-world map and nonlinear narrative.

With the Zelda franchise turning 35 this year, there are hopes for new games and celebrations from the Nintendo community. With a sequel to Breath of the Wild already announced, hopefully, 2021 will be the year that this massive map, and all of its inhabitants, get the expansion that so many are wishing for.

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