Bravely Default 2: All Answers Needed To Uncover The Traitor For Prince Pollux

During Chapter Four of Bravely Default 2, you will be tasked with aiding the first three kingdoms that you previously visited and defeating a boss for each one, earning you some new job asterisks in the process. When it comes to saving Savalon from the Holograd threat, you’ll first need to uncover the traitor in Prince Pollux’s court.

Discovering the traitor involves gathering information by speaking to various NPCs scattered around town, both on the town map and hidden inside of buildings, before reporting back to Prince Pollux and letting him know your findings. However, we can save you all that running around by letting you know all the answers that you need right here.

Reporting Your Findings on the Savalon Traitor

Head to the Savalon Palace, then speak to Prince Pollux and report to him that you are ready to identify the traitor. Prince Pollux will gather the council together and then you will have to make a series of statements and you need to choose the correct answers to complete this portion of the game. Choosing an incorrect answer will exit this sequence and you will have to start again by speaking to Prince Pollux once more.

Be warned, once you complete this sequence, you will be thrown into a boss battle, so ensure your party is prepared before going ahead with this part of the storyline.

Below are all the answers you need, in order:

First of all, it is important to note that the two Elders who were murdered were…

Choose: “Against joining the Holograder Empire.”

However, not everybody knew that the Prince to due to visit Dromed. In fact….

Choose: “Only the Council knew.”

Luckily, we were able to intercept the assassin. Less luckily, they were able to escape. However, they dropped something in the process:

Choose “A necklace.”

The same perfume worn by…

Choose “Cygnus.”

After relaying the correct statements, a short cutscene will play and then you will be thrown into a boss battle with Marla.

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