Borderlands 3: Everything You Need To Know About The "Doom Shotgun" (& How To Get It)

The Borderlands series is primarily known for two things: tons of weapons and making references to other media. Borderlands 3, the latest and biggest game in the series, almost has too many of both for any one person to find them all. If there’s one that shouldn’t be missed, however, it’s the “Doom Shotgun.”

This is one of the most perfect references for Borderlands to make, not only being a fun nod at a rival game, and the most iconic FPS of all time, but also a powerful weapon you’ll want to use just for the sheer power of it. This is an Easter egg of sorts, though, so you’re not going to just trip over this gun. Here’s how to get this demon slaying shotgun.

How To Get The “Doom Shotgun” In Borderlands 3

Unlike a lot of other Easter eggs, the actual requirements for getting the “Doom Shotgun,” called the Speedloadn’ Hellwalker in Borderlands 3, aren’t too difficult. What makes it so rare is the fact that you’re at the mercy of RNG for actually getting it to drop. It is a Legendary tier weapon, meaning there’s not much you can do to increase the odds of it showing up, but there are a few farming methods that you can use to speed up the process.

Captain Traunt on Athenas is one of the most popular farming spots in the game since he’s one of the few boss type enemies that actually respawns after you kill him as part of the game’s story missions. If you haven’t been there yet, or are a little fuzzy on the details, you can find Captain Traunt by fast traveling to Athenas and run all the way down to the far Southern area of the map. You’ll eventually come to a hole you drop down where he’s waiting for you.

Dispatch Traunt here, sift through the loot, and if you’re unlucky you can just quit out to the menu and load back up to try again. When you load back into the game you should be placed right before you dropped down to fight him, making it probably the fastest way to grind out kills.

Another boss that was previously exploited to farm Legendaries was the Chupacabratch. Despite being patched to not be quite so lucrative, this is another easily farmed boss with fairly high Legendary drop rates if you prefer to face this boss instead, or just get bored of fighting Captain Traunt over and over.

The Speedloadn’ Hellwalker

Visually, there’s no mistaking this shotgun as anything but the Doom super shotgun, but the references don’t stop there. Every time you pick up or shoot this shotgun you will hear a metal guitar riff that sounds like it came right out of a Doom game. What’s even more interesting, though, is that this is a fire element weapon, predating Doom Eternal where the super shotgun could be upgraded to set enemies on fire. Whether you’re a fan of Doom or not, you’ll be glad to have this double barreled monster on your side.

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