Bluepoint Has Removed FromSoftware Developer’s Cat From Demon’s Souls PS5

There is a ring in Demon’s Souls called the Cat Ring. When worn, it reduces fall damage for the wearer. It doesn’t entirely mitigate fall damage as falling from too high will still be fatal, but anything that’s not high enough to kill you will do no damage. Sort of like how cats are basically fine until they fall off a skyscraper.

Anyway, to represent this uniquely beneficial status condition, From Software gave the player an icon underneath their health, magic, and stamina bars. That icon was actually a picture of a developer’s cat. And Demon’s Souls fans are oddly affectionate towards this cat icon.

One guy even made a RedBubble shop where all he does is sell t-shirts, mugs, and random tchotchkes with that icon plastered front and center.

Like I said: people love that cat. Which is why Demon’s Souls fans are now in an uproar after finding out that the cat icon was removed in the PS5 remake.

As you can see courtesy of a comparison pic from Twitter user Iron Pineapple, they completely removed the picture of a cat and replaced it with a generic cat icon. Sure, it still adequately conveys to the player that they’re wearing the Cat Ring and will thus take no fall damage until it is fatal fall damage, but that’s not what Demon’s Souls players want. They want the comforting face of a nameless From Software developer’s cat encouraging them to slay that demon and make it all the way to the end of a very difficult game.

“There must be someone @bluepointgames who owns a cat,” remarked one Twitter user in the replies. “Take a picture of it and add it to the game, easy. There are literally BILLIONS of cat pictures on the internet, just pick one! In the great scheme of things this change is something small but this news makes me quite sad tbh.”

The likely explanation is that the icon was too low-rez to include in the remake, but still. Die-hard fans love their cat icon, and no amount of phenomenal 3D audio is going to make it up to them.

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