Bloodborne: Bosses You Don’t Want To Face Late At Night

Bloodborne is a game with so much depth, lore, and story to uncover. However, it's also packed full of absolutely terrifying creations that make every other horror story look like something you could read to your kid at night.

Picasso meets cosmic horror in this list of abominations that probably never should have come to be, but oh boy here they are. These bosses are ones you'll probably want to leave until tomorrow – open the curtains, while you're at it. Miyazaki must really Lovecraftian these creatures.

8 Rom, The Vacuous Spider

It's a big spider. Well, not really, but also it's worse. Rom is a large spider-like creature that has spindly little legs and a big body with which it can throw its weight around. It also has many eyes – too many, to be honest.

That's not too bad though, right? It doesn't look too much like a spider. Well, say hello to about 30 actual spiders as soon as you lay a blade on Rom. This too-big-for-a-cup arachnid squad is here to mess your day up, so maybe don't tackle this one in the dark. Oh, it does magic too.

7 Ebrietas, Daughter Of The Cosmos

What is it? That's a good question. Anyway, Ebrietas is a squishy-looking cosmic demon dragon squid thing that will be more than capable of killing you in as few attacks as possible and acting like it was nothing.

Descend down the elevator and enter the lair of this massive creature as it slithers towards you, grabbing you with its octopus arms and casting an unwelcome amount of magic on your very being. So fear not – while you watch on in horror, it'll all be over quickly enough. Come back tomorrow.

6 Blood Starved Beast

It still has most of its skin attached, so it's not as bad as it could be. Well, it's got to be pretty bad for the beast. Nope, it's pretty bad for you too – why would you ever go up close to this thing when the sun has gone down?

This thing will leap at you, swing its claws, and the flayed skin will soon follow. We're not entirely sure how it can see half of the time, but all it needs to do is smell your blood, and it will stop at nothing.

5 Mergo's Wet Nurse

After following the decrepit streets and sounds of a distant baby crying, and seeing the distraught Queen of Yharnam point you towards an elevator, you'll come upon the courtyard of Mergo's Wet Nurse. If you ever wondered who the Grim Reaper answers to, this is probably a safe bet.

With about eight arms, no face, and a real personal dislike for anyone who goes near it, this boss is sure to strike terror in you. It can also cover the entire courtyard in darkness to make it that much worse – and if that's not bad enough, it can also duplicate itself. Have fun.

4 Amygdala

Look at it. Just look at it for a moment. Why on earth would you want to see this thing at all, let alone at night? The Amygdala is something you'll have to face in – wait for it – the Nightmare Frontier. Come on.

There are a few other Amygdalas in the game, hanging from buildings, watching you, and firing off the occasional laser. However, when one drops in to fight you and rips off its own arms to do so, that's not exactly going to be a fun time for anyone.

3 Darkbeast Paarl

The concept of this boss isn't too scary – it's kind of cool, to be honest. However, it has a face that you certainly don't want to see on your TV, especially when it's just about the only thing you're going to see.

Paarl is a large skeletal… dog? Thing. It covers itself in lightning and moves with speed and unease to make sure you have a terrible time. Just, handle this one in the morning. You don't want to go to bed at night and still see this face, do you?

2 Orphan Of Kos

When people say Bloodborne is messed up, this is where it culminates. The final boss of Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC, the Orphan of Kos is here and ready to kill you repeatedly. Its choice of weapon? Its own placenta, of course.

Watch on as it chucks this probably-quite-squishy thing at you, and then pulls it back with some sort of cord. There could be a scientific explanation here, but you probably won't want to know. Just come back to this one in the daytime, and deal with it – fast.

1 Ludwig, The Accursed/The Holy Blade

A haunting soundtrack? Check. A terrifying screech? Check. A very mutilated face that likes to get way too close to your personal bubble? You bet. This is Ludwig, The Accursed – a horse-like beast with far too many limbs and eyeballs just about everywhere that they shouldn't be.

Don't worry though: in his second phase, he gets a massive sword. Just what needed to be added to the situation. This boss is probably the most nightmare-fueled creation from all of Bloodborne, so you might want to get some nice, peaceful rest before this one.

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