Black Desert’s Nova Class Now Available On All Platforms

Today is a big day in the world of Black Desert, as the Nova class is now available on all platforms – including iOS and Android. This is the first-ever simultaneous content release for Black Desert, as content has always been staggered up until this patch.

Nova is the last princess of Calpheon and a warrior that wields a Morning Star and Quoratum – that is, a massive shield empowered by the Divine Tree Quturan. She offers a mid-range playstyle and already comes in her Ascended form. You’ll have four skills available as soon as you start playing, with others unlocked by tackling skill missions.

In true Black Desert fashion, several events are happening across all platforms to celebrate the launch of a new hero. On mobile, you can take advantage of the Nova Level Up Event, offering up to 3,000 Black Pearls for completing different quests and leveling your new character. A similar event is running on consoles and PC, providing you with Extra Combat and Skill EXP Scrolls for tackling various challenges.

Nova was only the tip of the iceberg for mobile users, as you can now explore the Great Desert region. This barren expanse brings with it new quests, events, and NPCs to interact with. The new locale is about as far from a winter wonderland as you can get, so it’s a great reprieve from the real-world cold settling in during the holiday season. There’s a lot to dig into, so we’d recommend taking a glance at the official patch notes.

PC and console players didn’t see quite as much new content, but there are still a lot of minor adjustments to various quests, monsters, and NPCs. For a full list, check out the Black Desert website.

Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile continue to put up impressive numbers, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for 2021. Crimson Desert is on the horizon as well, and is expected to launch towards the end of next year.

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