Black Desert Online Offering Free Cron Stones If You Transfer Accounts Before February 24

Black Desert Online is changing hands later this year, as Pearl Abyss assumes responsibility for the North American and European servers from Kakao Games. If you don’t sign up for a transfer before May 31, your entire account will be deleted. However, transfer your account before February 24 and you’ll receive free Cron Stones, Crystal Shards, and more.

Anyone who transfers their Black Desert Online account before this Wednesday will receive a bunch of free in-game items. This includes the following:

  • Daily login rewards, including Cron Stones, Crystal Shards, and more
  • AD & DP buffs

If you transfer anytime before the May 31 deadline, you’ll also receive these exclusive items:

  • A black or white [Tier 4] Young Pomi limited pet
  • Weapon Exchange Coupons
  • EXP scrolls
  • A limited-edition title “Now or Nouver”

Transferring your account is simple – just head over to the official BDO Transfer website and enter your account info. The entire process should take no longer than a few minutes and is the only way to ensure your years of progress carry over to the new servers.

Black Desert has been giving away hundreds of Cron Stones in the past few months, as the game celebrated the Lunar New Year. In fact, that event is still going on – log in before February 23 to earn 200 free Cron Stones and other expensive items.

While it’s a bit scary to think all your BDO progress could disappear into the void, both Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss are “committed to making the process as smooth as possible.” There’s still plenty of time to register for a transfer, although it’s best to do it as soon as possible – not only will you ensure years of game time are around for the future, but you’ll also pick up a bunch of useful items.

Black Desert Online players need to transfer servers before May 31, otherwise all progress will be lost. Transfer your account before February 24 and you’ll receive several exclusive rewards, including free Cron Stones.

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