Black Desert Adds Succession For New Classes, Guardian Pre-Creation To PS4 And Xbox One

Pearl Abyss continues to close the gap between Black Desert’s console and PC versions, with today’s update bringing Succession to four new classes (Musa, Wizard, Witch, and Dark Knight). Pre-creation is also available for the upcoming Guardian class, and a Halloween event is now running until November 3.

If you’re maining a Musa, Wizard, Witch, or Dark Knight, the biggest news for you is the addition of Succession for these four classes. Each has their own unique quest line that will introduce new skills and abilities for your original weapons. Remember – going down this path means you’ll no longer be able to use Awakening skills. There are also a few requirements to keep in mind before switching from Awakening to Succession:

  • You’ll need to reset your skills.
  • Trial Characters can learn the Successions requirement skill.
  • Skills in your Main and Succession tab can be used together, but you can’t using Awakening and Succession skills at the same time.

For a complete rundown of how to start your character’s Succession story, check out Black Desert’s latest patch notes.

Although she’s not yet available, today you can start creating your own Guardian. She’ll be playable in the next update, but for now you can customize her appearance so you’re ready to jump into the grind as soon as Pearl Abyss makes her playable. If you’re curious to learn more about the class, Pearl Abyss has a detailed post about their skills, background, and playstyle.

Black Desert is also holding a huge Halloween-related event, offering up free gear to anyone who logs over an hour of playtime. In North America the event will run until November 3, so make sure to set aside a few hours in order to pick up these limited-edition rewards. There are also a bunch of Special Silver Deals going on in the Black Desert Shop over the next few days, giving you access to useful consumables at a reduced price.

Black Desert’s Succession skills are now available on console for the Musa, Wizard, Witch, and Dark Knight classes. The game is available for free on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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