Bioshock Speedrunner Tricks GDQ Viewers With Hilarious Prank

In the latest Games Done Quick (also known as GDQ) charity event, longtime Twitch streamer BloodThunder pulled off a hilarious prank during a speedrun of Bioshock. Around the 30-minute mark, when encountering Andrew Ryan in the infamous golf club scene, BloodThunder proceeded nonchalantly – setting up the prank in a brilliant manner.

Essentially, he faked a Windows crash by triggering a set of pre-recorded scenes, shocking audience members and online viewers alike. Crashing during a speedrun is a notoriously disheartening tragedy; The gasps from the audience accurately reflected the massive pain one experiences when losing all progress.

The horror in the audience quickly turned to laughs, however, when the Windows blue screen of death faded into the introduction of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – informing the audience that it was all a joke. The screen quickly flipped back to Bioshock and BloodThunder went on his merry way as if nothing happened. This wasn’t his first attempt at pulling a prank during a speedrun, as seen at the 43:40 mark in the below video from SGDQ 2016.

This time around, the streamer injected the intro to Skyrim. The meme used is hardly revolutionary, as it became a popular format throughout the last year. Multiple compilations can be found scattered across YouTube, usually involving a video that ends with a phone camera becoming disoriented, only to fade into the infamous intro from Skyrim when the player wakes up on a wagon with fellow prisoner and Stormcloak, Ralof.

BloodThunder’s joking around didn’t end their however, as he also took a jab at Twitch celebrity Alinity, referencing her ever-famous cat toss. In the game, BloodThunder was moving a cat and began to talk about the importance of taking care of it’s well-being. He humorously stated, “You don’t want to be like your favorite Twitch streamer and just throw it around.”

Overall, the Bioshock run made for an entertaining experience, BloodThunder being a veteran to the speedrunning scene and a charismatic streamer on the platform. If you are interested in checking out the event, it will continue through Saturday, January 11th and can be viewed on their official Twitch page. Donations for the event go 100% to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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