Biomutant: Everything You Need To Know About Crafting

The crafting system of Biomutant is widely agreed upon as one of the game’s most fun and best mechanics. Being an open-world RPG, Biomutant offers a massive playground for you to explore. There is a wide open-world map for you to traverse, a range of enemies to encounter, and a whole lot of weapons to equip in your arsenal.

While there are a handful of incredible weapons that you can simply pick up as loot or earn as a reward in Biomutant, you are also given the chance to craft your own. Here you are given the opportunity to be as creative and personal as you can be. However, before you start crafting different types of weapons, there are a handful of things you need to know first about the game mechanic as a whole.

Armor Can’t Be Crafted

The first thing you need to know about crafting before fully exploring the mechanic is that you cannot craft a new piece of armor from scratch. These are items you need to scour around the world or buy from merchants. You can, however, modify and upgrade them by using the Crafting menu.

The crafting mechanic still comes in handy here since this allows you to make powerful armor pieces even stronger. Every armor piece can be upgraded and modified except for face armor and back armor pieces.

The Game’s Best Weapons Are Crafted

In Biomutant, it can be strongly argued that the best weapons you can equip are the ones you craft yourself, instead of those you pick up as loot or earn from main and side quests. While using this approach can also be more tedious and time-consuming, it is ultimately the best way to go, especially during the later parts of the game.

Those who want to do a New Game Plus run will especially find this approach better. Instead of scouring the map for better weapons and armor sets, you can farm for better crafting materials and parts instead.

Items Can Be Dismantled For Valuable Materials

Selling items to gather currency is a tactic that is familiar in almost every single open-world RPG title. After all, in games like Biomutant, you can collect an immense number of items and only ever use a small number of them. Selling items is even more tempting in this game because merchants are somewhat generous with Green, the game’s form of currency.

However, as much as possible, you should instead opt for dismantling items instead of selling them. Doing so will give you a ton of great crafting materials for future use. Better yet, you can balance the items you don’t use by selling one half and dismantling the other.

There Are Only Two Necessary Parts Required To Craft Melee Weapons

Three parts can make up a new melee weapon, but only two of them are necessary. These are the handle and the base. Base parts, especially high-level ones, usually come with a perk that diversifies gameplay and makes the weapon ultimately more powerful.

  • Base parts vary depending on what type of weapon you wish to craft: one-handed slash, two-handed slash, or two-handed clubs.
  • Handles aren’t only necessary in crafting melee weapons but this is also where you can increase certain stats of the weapon. For example, if you want a weapon that has a high critical chance, then you can choose and select a handle that increases this aspect of the weapon.
  • Addons are parts that aren’t necessary to create a new melee weapon, but you must absolutely do your best to incorporate this while crafting as it makes the melee weapon so much more powerful.

There Are Four Necessary Parts Required To Craft Ranged Weapons

To craft a ranged weapon, you will need a base, grip, and muzzle.

  • There are four types of base parts for each weapon type: gun, rifle, shotgun, and automatic rifle.
  • Like melee weapons, certain base parts for ranged weapons come with useful perks that make the game’s ranged combat gameplay so much more entertaining and effective.
  • Grip and muzzle parts are also necessary for crafting a new ranged weapon. These parts increase the weapon’s overall stats, making it more powerful.
  • Other than those parts, you can add stock and a magazine part into your ranged weapon. Although these parts aren’t necessary, these should always be added as well if you want to make your ranged weapon be as powerful as it can be.

Modifying And Upgrading Unique Weapons

In Biomutant, there are certain types of melee and ranged weapons called Unique Weapons. These weapons are considered to be some of the best the game has to offer and they are earned as rewards for completing side quests.

Unique Weapons are already fully established powerful weapons with incredible individual parts. However, you are still given the chance to modify them. However, doing this will change the weapon’s name and remove its status as a Unique Weapon.

Prioritize The Luck Stat

Skill is the name of the game when mastering any action title’s combat gameplay. However, it would be foolish to say that luck has no hand to play in RPGs like Biomutant. As a stat, increasing your luck means giving yourself a higher chance of coming across better loot. As a result, this will allow you to craft even better weapons.

With this in mind, you should also start allocating points towards your Luck stat. The higher your Luck is, the more you will be rewarded down the line.

Farming For Crafting Costs Is Very Important

When considering crafting a new weapon, it’s easy to only think about the various crafting parts and materials that actually make up the weapon. However, you should also always keep crafting costs in mind. These can be earned by finding and destroying Resource Totems that are scattered and hidden around the game.

There are five different crafting costs you need to earn in Biomutant :

  • clink
  • plank
  • rubby
  • polym
  • e-waste

The higher the crafted weapon’s quality is, the more crafting costs are needed to complete the weapon.

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