Bethesda Says Starfield Release Date Is Coming "Very Soon"

Bethesda's Latin America Instagram account has confirmed that Starfield's release date will be revealed "very soon", likely during the upcoming showcase for the game that was revealed last week.

Last week, Microsoft announced that it'd be holding a Developer_Direct showcase to reveal more details about Redfall, Forza Motorsport, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Minecraft Legends. It also announced that a separate presentation is in the works to give more details on Starfield, unarguably one of the biggest games in its lineup.

Since that announcement, many have speculated that we'd be receiving a release date for Starfield during the presentation, especially considering it's been a while since it was initially delayed out of its initial November release date. It seems that theory is true as Bethesda's Latin America Instagram account has revealed we'll be finding out the release date "very soon".

As shared on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit by Redditor MightyPaladin77, Bethesda replied to a comment on an Instagram post asking for more information on Starfield. As translated by Google, it said, "We will announce it very soon, we are preparing a special event for the game", finishing with a promising winky face emoji.

This seems to be implying that the Starfield release date will be announced during the dedicated showcase for the game. We don't yet know when that's going to be as we still have the Developer_Direct to get through first, but the phrasing "very soon" means that we probably won't have to be waiting too long.

Hopefully, this should ease some worries that Starfield is going to be delayed much further. Although it's likely not going to launch before Redfall's rumoured May 2 release date, Bethesda seems pretty confident that a release date announcement isn't far off at all. Starfield isn't the only Xbox game that's going to be dated in the near future, as Xbox Germany included a line that mentions some of the games shown off at the Developer_Direct are going to get release dates.

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