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The AC-42 is one of the best assault rifles in Battlefield 2042, even after the buffs to the bloom on the other weapons. It's a headshot machine, works wonders with single-fire, and comes with a variety of versatile loadouts to change up while on the battlefield.

This short attachment guide covers two main builds: the regular burst, run and gun loadout for medium to close range, and the long-range single fire attachment loadout that we've been having fun with recently.

Best Burst AC-42 Attachments

First up, the standard AC-42 build. This relies on burst, the great headshot potential of the rifle, and a medium-range build that can also be used up close.

  • Sight – This is really personal preference – if it was down to us we'd just run the Fusion Holo, although the 2x is also reliable.
  • Ammo – Extended Standard Issue Mag. Those extra bullets make a big difference and the extra reload time doesn't make much difference.
  • Barrel – Warhawk Compensator is probably the best barrel attachment in the game, really, really reduces horizontal recoil.
  • Underbarrel – For running and gunning, try the Rattlesnake Light Grip. If you're static run the LWG.

Best AC-42 Single Fire Attachments

Though the AC-42 deals real damage in burst mode, the single fire shouldn't be slept on. There isn't really much of a restriction of how fast you can fire and the accuracy is unreal with the right attachment loadout. Here's our recommended go-to single fire loadout.

  • Sight – The TV 2x is definitely the best sight for tap fire. Hardly any recoil and decent range, even if you're tapping people miles away.
  • Ammo Standard Issue or Extended Mag, or you can swap to the High Power for long-range. Don't worry about recoil or anything when picking these attachments, as you're only single firing.
  • Underbarrel – You will likely be sat still much more than with your run and gun build, but moving around is still necessary. Go for the BCG Light Grip.
  • Barrel Warhawk Compensator or Tactical Compensator. Either is fine, comes down to your personal preference.

Tips for the single fire AC-42:

You can run a much, much longer sight on this if you want. Something like 6x is still going to be powerful as you have hardly any recoil. The faster you fire the quicker enemies die – practice your trigger finger before you settle on a loadout.

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