Behind-The-Scenes Mortal Kombat Photo Teases How Gory The Movie Will Be

As Mortal Kombat continues its resurgence on home consoles, the success of the reinvigorated franchise has spawned an inevitable attempt to bring the brawler back to the screen. While the 1995 film is considered by many to (sadly) be one of the best video game movies ever made, the franchise hasn’t seen a film adaptation since 1997. Things have been quiet ever since the unintentionally hilarious Annihilation came out.

Things seem different with this latest effort. With a new film currently in production for a 2021 release, fans have gotten their first glimpse of what to expect–and there is plenty to be hopeful about. Star Lewis tan has shown off a behind-the-scenes shot of himself on the set and the results are suitably gory.

As one can see, Tan (who is heavily rumored to star as Kung Lao) is bleeding from the forehead and bruised a bit. The post reads that he is near the end of a “vigorous yet edifying journey,” leading to believe that the film is winding down production. Though there hasn’t been much else revealed, there is plenty to look forward to.

Recent behind-the-scenes photos have seen the film in active production and show that this movie is aiming to stay close to the source material -which has plenty of gore and blood-. While there have been no further details on the plot, casting choices suggest the film will be pulling from the entire franchise and have not be tied to the original films.

Mortal Kombat doesn’t have to do much to be a good movie. The 1995 original served as a supernatural version of Enter the Dragon and worked well thanks to its excellent fight choreography and legendary soundtrack. This new film has found its Liu Kang in Black Mirror’s Ludi Lin and Shang Tsung in The Dark Knight’s Ng Chin Han, suggesting that the film will follow the plot of the original Mortal Kombat game.

Though it is too soon to set expectations for the film, it does look like the parties involved are sticking to the mythos and themes of the series. As long as they don’t do an about-face and strip away the gratuitous violence, this should go a long way to make fans happy for the wait.

At the very least, this should be better than Annihilation because, well, everything is better than Annihilation.

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