Become The Governor Of A City Of Monsters In NecroCity

Video game studios Gameparic and PlayWay S.A. recently announced the development of NecroCity, a Dungeon Keeper-styled city-builder in which you are given the task of governing a city full of monsters. The planned release date is still TBA, but it has a live Steam page now that you can check out for info and wishlisting.

NecroCity looks to be part city-builder, worker management, economic strategy, and tower defense game. It’s set in a land where there are only two types of creatures: monsters and people. As governor of NecroCity, you are tasked with building it from the ground up, which includes city planning the construction of which buildings go where, along with the city’s roads, fortifications, and other infrastructure elements. You’ll have numerous types of monsters available to help build and run the city, but it’ll be up to you to make sure you assign them to jobs they have the required skills for.

Some of the monsters you’ll have trying to live out their lives in peace will include ghosts, werewolves, goblins, orcs, and skeletons, to name a few. Monsters who are satisfied with their place in the city will help improve the metro’s prosperity, which in turn will attract new monster types with their own unique skills and requirements.

Of course, monsters are not the only creature who will take notice of your city. Daring human armies seeking to raid, plunder, pillage, and destroy your city and its citizens will occasionally attack, and you’ll have to go on the defensive in order to keep everyone safe and alive. To help with this task, you’ll have access to numerous defensive items and structures you can build around and in your city, including walls, “defense turrets, various types of traps, and many other available city defense mechanisms”, according to the game’s Steam page description.

But only defending your city may not be enough. In order to truly live in peace, you’ll have to build your own monster army and take the war to the human settlements to conquer or destroy. Developing your city into a well-organized and run and prosperous one will help ensure you have plenty of powerful monsters in your army to achieve victory, and the peace your monster citizens desire.

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