Atlus Confirms New Etrian Odyssey Game Still In Development, Needs More Time

Atlus recently confirmed that a new Etrian Odyssey game is in fact still in development. The studio has been largely silent on the matter ever since another entry in the series was teased back in 2018. The news has been met with excitement by fans of Etrian Odyssey who have been eagerly awaiting this upcoming title.

This comes in the context of a live stream concerning the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, a remastered collection comprising Etrian Odyssey 1, 2, and 3 for the Nintendo Switch. The company made a few statements about a new Etrian Odyssey game, describing how the team working on the title has been trying to transition from the Nintendo DS to Switch. According to Atlus, the team will be using feedback from the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection to help create this upcoming title.

Etrian Odyssey is known for its intense dungeon crawling, intricate worldbuilding, and elaborate character customization. The series has been well received on the whole by critics and players alike, each new game building on the strengths of its predecessors by introducing new mechanics and gameplay elements. What a new Etrian Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch could look like remains to be seen.

Rumors and speculation about a new entry in the Etrian Odyssey series have been circulating for years. Players have been piecing together information from a variety of different sources including copyright filings and job postings to form a picture of what this upcoming title could be. The only information provided by Atlus for the moment is that players can expect another Etrian Odyssey game at some point in the near future.

“We thank you very much for your patience,” the team working on the game remarked. “The hardware has changed from the two-screen DS and we have to admit that it will take more time to create a new Etrian Odyssey.” The developers added that “we would like to make use of opinions on this remaster for the new Etrian Odyssey game.”

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