Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find The Warden Of Relics

The Order of the Ancients is comprised of 45 members in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and some of them are more difficult to find than others. The Warden of Relics is part of this cult and there is only one member in this branch. She is easier to find than you might be led to believe and is often overlooked at first glance.

The assassination of this member ends with a boss fight, and there are some tips and tricks you should know to effectively subdue her. You might be well on your way to discovering her identity, but this guide will help you put together the final pieces of the puzzle!

Fulke (The Instrument)

Fulke, otherwise known as The Instrument, is the single member of the Warden of Relics and her identity will be revealed through the story. She will first be encountered in Cent, where you are tasked with uncovering her location and then freeing her from imprisonment.

Fulke will be found in Saint Albane’s Abbey and at first, she seems to be just a collector, but you will soon learn her true nature. It isn’t until Sigurd, Eivor, and Basim come to parlay with King Aelfred does Fulke betray them.

Sigurd offers that they trade their best men and both parties retreat behind certain territories, but Fulke intervenes before they can seal the deal.

Fulke tells King Aelfred that Sigurd claims to be a living Norse god, which is when the latter offers himself up in the parlay. She then tortures Sigurd and even chops off his hand, which changes him in ways that can never be undone.

Fighting Fulke

You will finally fight Fulke during the Storming the Walls quest, and she is one of the hardest bosses to defeat. Her biggest strength is using the shadows to her advantage, and you must rely on sound to find her. Use your dodge and parry liberally when she rushes you from the shadows, and avoid her heavy attacks with her sword and whip.

You can use either a melee or ranged build for this fight, as both make it possible to land attacks. Fulke will continue to run between rooms, so you want to make sure to run after her so you don’t completely lose her in the shadows. You can use Odin’s  Sight to track Fulke down in the darkness.

Finally, when Fulke’s health has dropped to 30% or she has extinguished all of the braziers, then she will run outside and battle you with a cross. Her attacks are slow and most of them can be parried, but this is the easiest part of the entire fight. Once she is dead, a cutscene will play out and you will have defeated another member of the Order of the Ancients.

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