Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Settling Down Guide

Settling Down is the tenth main story quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It begins immediately after you finish Unwelcome, which sees you fight a bunch of bandits who took over an abandoned Ragnarsson settlement. Now that they’re gone, you can claim this area for yourself — together with Sigurd and Randvi, Eivor decides to name it Ravensthorpe.

There’s a lot you need to know here, from how to build Gunnar’s forge to how to raid a monastery. Don’t worry, though: our Settling Down guide from our complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough has all of the information you’ll need to finish the quest and start building Ravensthorpe into a proper home.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Settling Down Guide

A series of several cutscenes will play between the end of Unwelcome and the beginning of Settling Down. Once these are over, go speak to Gunnar at his would-be forge. He’s highlighted by a quest marker, so he’s pretty easy to find, but if you’re stuck, he’s at the second tent on the left after leaving the docks.

Gunnar will mention that he needs materials to set up his forge properly and will give you the location of a monastery. According to him, raiding said monastery will net you raw materials and supplies, which you can use to develop your settlement. Head to the docks and board your ship. There are several monasteries marked on the minimap, but the one to the west takes the least amount of time to sail to. Head towards it — once you get close, you’ll be given a prompt to instigate the raid. Confirm it and Eivor will blow their warhorn as the crew dock the ship. Hop off the side of the boat and run towards the monastery — it’s time for your first real Viking raid.

The ensuing battle isn’t necessarily hard, but it’s a different kind of combat to anything you’ve experienced so far. Some of the enemies here have polearms, which means they can lunge at you from range. This isn’t the biggest deal, but you’ll need to time your dodges right to get out of the way on time, lest you be stun-locked into an unforgiving combo.

Once you’ve defeated all of your enemies, head up to the monastery itself — the biggest building here — and force the door open by holding the interact button. Hold this until the door is actually open or it won’t register properly. When you get inside, force the large chest at the back of the room open in the same way — you’ll need a crewmate to help you with it, so be patient if it appears to freeze while you’re on your own. Eivor is just waiting for a helping hand.

The chest will provide you with the materials you need to improve Gunnar’s forge. You can carry on raiding if you like — the only enemy here who is a bit more difficult is the yeoman, who has extra armor compared to the standard enemies you’ve fought so far. He’s pretty easy too once you get the hang of it — you can either dodge his attacks and hit him while he’s in his recovery animation, or break his shield stance by using a heavy attack of your own. A combo I like to use against shield enemies is dodge, light attack, heavy attack, light attack, which allows you to deal a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. If this knocks them down, go hard on light attacks to kill them before they get back up — if not, bait an attack from them and repeat the same combo.

You’ll get a notification saying “raid complete” if you’ve looted all of the large chests here, which means you’ve obtained all of the raw materials the monastery has to offer. Saying that, it’s not necessary to loot everything to improve Gunnar’s forge — although you can use the same materials to develop other parts of your settlement, too.

Once you’ve decided whether you want to rob the place clean or leg it with what you’ve got so far, head back to the boat and sail back the way you came. Get off at Ravensthorpe and head back over to Gunnar. You can improve the forge by interacting with the sign beside his tent, which glows white. Confirm the action to build the forge and a brief cutscene will play — once it finishes, you’ve got access to Gunnar’s forge and can improve your weapons and armor.

The last step of the quest is to find Sigurd, who is still where he was the last time you spoke with him. Head to the longhouse and speak to him, at which point he will show you to your new room here. Inspect your bed, the letter box on the desk, and Ravensthorpe status as detailed on the note attached to the podium in the corner — all three of these objects are highlighted by quest markers in your room.

Once you’ve had a proper look around, follow the new quest marker on your minimap to meet Sigurd again. He’ll be with Dag, Basim, and Hytham just outside the longhouse. Speak to Sigurd and the quest will end.



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