Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Hordafylke Walkthrough – In The Hall Of The Slain

Where does the name “Valhalla” come from in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Theologically, it’s one of the afterlife locations that the Vikings believed in. It’s reasonable to assume that you’ll never actually visit Valhalla. This is true, but most of the way through the game, you’ll come much closer than you ever dreamed possible.

What might this heaven be like? It’s a question asked by more than just the believers, even the Isu themselves tried to make it a reality. For players who want to see this simulated heaven and survive, they’ll have to understand what they are doing and where to go. There’s an infamous moment where gamers can get stuck for eternity and this guide will go over every object in detail to make sure this fate doesn’t befall you.

Where Legends Are Born

  • Speak To Sigurd
  • Speak To Randvi About Hordafylke
  • Meet Sigurd At The Docks

It’s time to figure out what all of Sigurd’s fuss is about. He’ll ask you to join him going back home to Norway. Pledge to Hordafylke with Randvi, then head down to the docks and tell Sigurd that you’re ready to go.

  • Find And Speak To Styrbjorn

You’ll enter familiar waters on your longboat. Head to the shore, disembark, and find the mission marker. You’ll be treated to a cold cutscene between Sigurd and Styrbjorn.

  • Follow Sigurd
  • Reach The Northernmost Fjord

Follow Sigurd back for another cutscene and then climb back aboard the longboat. Once again, head toward the marker or set the autopilot to do it for you. Don’t fret, there aren’t any ambushes or blockades along the way.

After pulling up on the shore, you’ll automatically begin the very long second and final mission in this questline.

A Brother’s Keeper

  • Follow Sigurd
  • Reach The Central Platform

It turns out Sigurd actually has a lot of evidence behind his visions, as confused and angry as they are. Follow him all the way in and, though it seems counterintuitive, head to the central platform.

There is no objective marker for the next segment. Theoretically, you could decide to eat and drink with your comrades for all of eternity. For those who aren’t content to sit around getting fat forever, you’ll want to leave out of the gate on the far side from your room. A cutscene will trigger when you approach, then make your exit.

No objective will guide you, but do join the battle. All enemies are one-hit kills and you can’t receive damage. After doing so much damage on the battlefield, Sigurd will become marked. There is no map, but look for the blue diamond on the screen. After conversing with him, you’ll both duel.

Sigurd is not a one-hit kill, but aside from him getting more health, the same rules here apply: You cannot be harmed by his attacks. After depleting him, you’ll lop his arm off.

Welcome to Groundhog’s Day done in Viking style. You’ll wake up and repeat the exact same steps as the day before. This time, when you speak to Sigurd, his arm has already been cut off.

The next day, you’ll be tasked with finding your father, Varin, who is located between yourself and the gate. When you get close, he’ll run out the front door and lead the charge.

Follow him out, then repeat the sequence again, down to speaking to Sigurd after losing yet another arm. Take in a cutscene and then an additional cutscene when you wake up the following day.

Repeat the steps one more time, kill some soldiers and talk to Sigurd.

This time, instead of waking up in your bed, you will wake up in a shallow lake.

Follow Odin during the conversation. After a while, you will be forced to battle him. This is the notorious part of the game where gamers get stuck forever. Odin cannot be killed. And if you try to run, he will drag you back by your axe. You must go into your equipment screen, unequip your weapons, and then head for the door.

  • Confront Basim

Finally, the objectives are back now that you’ve exited the artificial Valhalla. The bad news is that you’ll immediately be engaged in one of the hardest boss fights in the game with Basim. He’ll use a smoke grenade and, if you’re close, he’ll get off a free attack. If not, he’ll use two consecutive ranged attacks, so be prepared to dodge twice.

Your best chance for offense is to dodge his leaping strike at the last possible second, which will slow down time and allow you to get off a few hits. You’ll eventually get hit with an unblockable attack and this will signal the beginning of the second stage.

During this second stage, Basim will automatically dodge all attacks, so you’ll have to stagger him. Block his attacks when he jumps at you with his yellow attacks to get a free lick or two in.

  • Chase Basim

The third phase is easier, you’ll just have to pursue Basim through the Isu structure.

  • Defeat Basim

Basim is immortal and can’t be killed with normal blows, but keep him engaged in the center of the circles. Sigurd will use the controls to pacify Basim’s consciousness after a few rounds.

This is the moment where you will find out if you got the good or the bad “ending.” It’s actually not an ending at all. The final ending is always bad no matter what (that’s just historical accuracy, you can’t change that), but the future of your relationship with Sigurd will manifest here depending on your previous choices.

And that closes the chapter on Hordafylke. It wasn’t pretty, but congratulations on making it through! After some work outside of the animus (that can’t be failed), you’ll be ready to hop back in with Eivor and get to the next part of your journey.

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