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The new DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla extends the campaign, and on top of that, you also get to explore a whole new realm. The Dawn of Ragnarok offers new items and unique powers you can use to destroy enemies, explore the map, solve puzzles and sneak around. One of the new items players will receive early on is the Hugr-Rip, a Dwarven tool that can capture the power of the enemies you fell and add them to your arsenal.

The Hugr-Rip is necessary in order to unlock some locations that will advance the story of the new DLC. It’s a fine work of dwarf craftsmanship, and it can hold five unique powers, all five of which you can acquire from the very beginning of the expansion pack. This guide will show you where you can obtain each Hugr-Rip power, what items you’ll need to upgrade each power, and where you can find them.

How To Get The Hugr-Rip

Obviously, you’ll need to get the Hugr-Rip first, which won’t happen until you progress to a certain point in Dawn of Ragnarok.

  • You’ll fight Surtr as Havi in the prologue. After the fight, you’ll wake up as Eivor with mistletoe in your hands.
  • Bring the mistletoe to Valka and ask her to share her wisdom with you. She’ll ask you to bring the mistletoe to the sacred circle behind her hut and burn it inside. Flames will rise, and they’ll take you back to Havi’s memories, starting the “Gift to the God” main quest.
  • As Havi, you’ll meet Sigrun and Halstein, these are the two dwarves who saved you and will ask for your help in return. Kill the Muspel who managed to get inside the dwarven chamber, once the area is safe Sigrun will grab the Hugr-Rip from where it’s hidden and give it to Havi as a gift.

How To Use The Hugr-Rip

The Hugr-Rip draws out the essence of any enemy you kill, steals their powers, and makes it your own. No matter how you play the expansion, the first power you’ll unlock will always be the “Power of Muspelheim”.

You can have a total of five new powers stored inside the Hugr-Rip, and you can insert whichever two of them you want in quick use slots to activate them whenever you want.

To acquire powers from your fallen enemies, you must stand next to the body and press the button that appears on your screen. The gift of the dwarves will collect the power, and you’ll be able to use it for a limited time.

Each power uses Hugr, basically an enemy’s spirit or lifeforce. There are three ways to collect Hugr in Dawn of Ragnarok.

  • The Hugr leaves the body upon physical death, meaning any enemies you slay will earn you some Hugr.
  • You can also collect it from Hugr flowers you come across Svartalfheim.
  • The last method involves giving up a portion of your health to refill your Hugr at Yggdrasil Shrines.

You can also unlock two upgrades for each one of these unique powers with Silica and Fragments specific to that power.

How To Upgrade The Hugr-Rip

The Hugr-Rip can only be upgraded at Blacksmiths located at dwarf shelters across Svartalfheim. You can fast travel to these locations via your map and get a blacksmith to upgrade your powerful tool, provided you have enough resources of course.

  • While you can gather Fragments that are unique to each power by killing enemies, Silica can only be found at Mylnas. You’ll need to raid these locations to pillage Silica.
  • Besides the Power Upgrades, you can also add Hugr Reaver to your dwarven kit for 10 Silica, for an extra power bar.
  • Another upgrade you can get a blacksmith to craft for you and that is called “The Highest One”. This one allows you to choose from one of the four available upgrades that suit your playstyle the best. You can change the active upgrade with a little help from any Blacksmith.
    • With The Highest One upgrade, you can either have a third power slot (Versatility), increase the amount of Hugr you collect by 50% (Efficiency), sacrifice your health to fully replenish your Hurg without a shrine (Sacrifice), or gain 15 seconds of bonus duration for your active power (Slipstream).

    Where To Find The Power Of Muspelheim

    You get the Power of Muspelheim in the tutorial of the Hugr-Rip. Any Muspel enemy can drop this skill, but you’ll already have this skill by the time you face other Muspels anyway.

    The Power of Muspelheim makes you immune to lava, fire damage, and all kinds of explosions. The power can also be used to disguise Havi as one of the Muspel, which lets him move around being detected. However, any disruptive actions will break the disguise immediately.

    There are two upgrades available for Power of Muspelheim, each one requires five Silica and 20 Magma Blood.

    • Muspelheim Endurance: The duration of the power is increased from 25 seconds to 35 seconds.
    • Muspelheim Fury: You’ll perform a heavy attack that causes an explosion in a five-meter radius.

    Where To Find The Power Of Rebirth

    The fastest way to get this power is by killing a Muspel guard that hangs around at the Fornama Dig Site in the Gullnamar region. Kill one of the Muspel in the area, head towards the dead body, and loot the power.

    The Power of Rebirth sets your weapon ablaze, and it has a high chance to apply flame damage to enemies for 40 seconds. Enemies you kill while the power is active will be resurrected to fight for you. The only exception is the Boss type of enemies – they can’t be resurrected to fight on your side.

    There are two upgrades available for Power of Rebirth, each one requires five Silica and 20 Living Sparks.

    • Instant Horde: This power resurrects dead bodies (except bosses) within a ten-meter radius to fight on your side.
    • Shield of the Draugr: You’ll receive 20% less damage and enemy attacks can’t interrupt you, however, you can still be hurt.

    Where To Find The Power Of The Raven

    You can get the Power of the Raven by killing any of the Giant Ravens across the map. In fact, there is a giant raven by the little stream directly west of the first dwarf shelter you'll unlock.

    The Power of the Raven allows you to shapeshift into a raven and fly around for up to 30 seconds, or until you land on a flat surface. It’s a great skill for traveling long distances in a short amount of time and you can also use this power to access destinations otherwise unreachable.

    You can unlock two upgrades for Power of the Raven. You'll need five Silica and 20 Giant Feathers for each upgrade.

    • Raven Assassin: This upgrade allows you to assassinate enemies while you’re in the air, but eliminating your target counts as landing, thus the power deactivates right after slaying your enemy.
    • Raven Endurance: This will increase the duration of the power to 50 seconds.

    Where To Find The Power Of Jotunheim

    Unlocking the Power of Jotunheim requires little to no time, just head to the Svaladal region and find the road west of Gufathorp, it’s the road that runs from south to north. There are multiple Jotun groups patrolling this road up and down. Slay the Jotuns and steal their powers.

    While the Power of Jotunheim is active, dodging and rolling will teleport you for short distances. You'll also be able to use your bow to teleport to World Knots in Svartalfheim.

    This power also lets you disguise yourself as one of the Jotun, which works identically as the Muspelheim power.

    You have two optional upgrades that come with this power, each upgrade requires five Silica and 20 Jotun Seidr.

    • Jotunheim Incarnate: This upgrade increases the duration of the power by 15 seconds after each successful assassination, provided you’re not detected by your enemies. The base duration of the power is 25 seconds.
    • Jotunheim Assassination: You can teleport-assassinate your enemies by aiming and shooting your bow at them. This upgrade will deplete a full stamina bar.

    Where To Find The Power Of Winter

    You can find this power within the same area you find the Power of Jotunheim. Hunt down the guards on the road west of Gufathorp and one of them will drop the Power of Winter. Collect and equip the power to use it.

    The Power of Winter imbues your weapons with ice, making your attacks apply freeze damage. With this power, you can completely freeze your enemies and shatter them into pieces with a final blow.

    You can further upgrade this power with two more side skills, you’ll need five Silica and 20 Frozen Blood per upgrade.

    • Winter’s Wrath: Shattering an enemy after completely freezing them causes an explosion that deals freeze damage to other nearby enemies.
    • Stabbing Cold: Increases your overall damage by 10%, the rate of freeze is also increased

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