Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Asgard Walkthrough

As though it weren’t enough to travel between hemispheres and continents in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll then be expected to navigate your own dreams. Havi, a person who looks and sounds suspiciously like Eivor, will become the player-controlled character and you’ll direct these actions to try and make some sense of what’s happening in reality.

This area is elaborate, both in nature and architecture. It’s easy to get turned around and trapped inside of your own mind. This guide will go through every single objective in Asgard so that you won’t wander for longer than you need to. Plus, there are some extra tips here too from the pros who have played the game a time or two and want to share things they wish they knew during their dream sequences.

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  • Reach The Great Hall

Make sure to get the fast travel point only a few steps in front of your starting location after the cutscene. You’ll be coming back frequently and it’s way too long of a walk to climb up this tower.

Next, jump off the edge into a pool below. It’s a terrifying jump, but you’ll land less than 40 meters away from your next destination.

  • Close The Gate To Jotunheim

It’s about 400 solid meters away, so get running. The bridge will be littered with enemies, but you can just run past them to speed up the process. The enemies will continually respawn, so fighting them merely delays the eventual closing of the gate.

  • Speak To Loki

Loki will by nearby, chat with him, watch some dialogue, and move on to the next step.


  • Reach The Well Of Urdr

Start by following the translucent green strands downward into the cave. This quest is going to turn into a lot of puzzle-solving. When you come across an orb shooting a beam, interact with it to hit the copper plate. This will make the barrier disappear. Keep following the green light and you’ll get a brief cutscene.

  • Unseal The Well

The well is sealed up by what appears to be a very complicated puzzle. To make it simple, aim the beam at the back of the cave at the splitter just over the cave’s mouth. You’ll have to wiggle each point a bit after this, but when you do this trick, it’s only a matter of adjusting the beams correctly.

  • Collect Water From The Well

Jump down the unsealed entry (the well itself will break your fall) and interact with a font that will trigger a cutscene.

  • Exit The Cave
  • Speak To Loki

Don’t even dream about retracing your steps. Dive back into the well and go through a hole in the side. This hole goes to the lake. After you emerge, Loki will be nearby on the shore waiting to talk with you.

Defensive Measures

  • Find And Speak To The Builder
  • Bring The Jars To The Builder

Talk with the Builder and then fetch him his blue paint jars. They are located right next to a pillar in the area (this objective is basically busy work). Do not throw the jars.

  • Witness The Builder’s Demonstration
  • Bring Invaders Into The Shield

He’ll create a greenish dome that you can pass through. When prompted, look for some Jotnar patrols right in front of the entrance to this alcove. Attack them, but do not kill them, then run back into the shield.

  • Kill All Invaders
  • Survive The Attack
  • Speak To The Builder

The shield will malfunction and force you to kill the Jotnar personally. There aren’t any elite mobs to give you grief, so battle like normal and you’ll be fine. After the objective changes to “Survive” you can run around and stall for time if the combat gets too thick. Talk to the Builder one more time and carry on.

Extended Family

  • Consult The Gods
  • Reach Freyja And Thor

Talk with some friends and discuss the next part of the plan until you hear that the wolf has escaped.

  • Chase The Wolf

The game will not allow you to catch the wolf so do not try. Cut across the paths and do not follow the zig-zags. Eventually, you take a zipline to catch up. After he jumps down onto a platform, join him to trigger a boss fight.

  • Kill The Wolf

The wolf has weak points by the back haunches if you’re a good shot with an arrow. Its yellow attack can also be dodged and countered as he will flash yellow, back up, then pounce forward, giving you plenty of time to adjust.

Win the fight, watch a scene, then go to your next quest.

Forging A Bond

  • Visit Ivaldi’s Forge

All you have to do is find Ivaldi’s cave (which is clearly marked), go inside, and a trigger will automatically put you in a conversation with him. Your choices in the conversation do not alter the plot in any way.

You’ll keep this quest in your log, but you must finish the next two segments before this one can be resumed.

A Feline’s Footfall

  • Collect A Cat’s Footfall

There are no markers to help you and the tooltip suggests checking your inventory (which is equally unhelpful). Use your bird and you’ll find a statue of a cat in the blue exploration area. Head to this statue.

Once you get close, the statue will disappear and reappear in the direction it was facing. It’s fairly straightforward except for one moment when you’ll have to make an early exit off of the zipline to land on the platform the cat is on. After jumping into a pile of flowers, you’ll have captured the sound (somehow) that you need to give to Ivaldi.

Taking Root

Objectives won’t help you with this, you’ll be expected to understand the riddle. The steps are actually quite simple. Use your bird to find this “seed” that looks a bit like a rock.

It’s already sitting on some hay. Use a torch to set the hay on fire. After that’s done, pick it up and throw it off the nearest ledge into a pool of water.

Dive in after it and retrieve the seed which has transformed into a root.

Forging A Bond

  • Speak To Ivaldi

Much like the first part of this quest, talking to Ivaldi is all you have to do to finish the quest off for good.

The Big Finish

  • Examine The Builder’s Tower
  • Search For The Builder’s Paint

After another cutscene, you’ll be instructed to look for the Builder’s paint. You’re supposed to follow blue paint drops, but they’re almost impossible to see. Use your vision pulse to highlight the trail and follow it. It ends with two Jotnar warriors who are easily killed with Loki’s assistance.

  • Bring The Builder’s Paint To The Tower

Inside, there will be Jotnar shapeshifters. They aren’t elites, so don’t do anything different and you’ll win with no problem. Pick up any crate full of paint and retrace your steps back to the Builder.

  • Defeat The Builder

The Builder will reveal his true form and you’ll be in a one-on-one battle with him. He’s one of the game’s toughest bosses, but you have all the tools you need to beat him trapped in this room with you. When a ring appears underneath you, allow the attack to land. It will pop you up in the air and you can shoot the top of his head. This is his weak point and allows you to get off a series of strikes while he’s stunned.

If you run low on ammunition, be sure to grab the free arrows on the perimeter of this room.

  • Use The Gate To Jotunheim

At this point, the seer with wake you up and you’ll be all finished with Asgard! Revisit her and take her potion anytime you’d like to return.

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