Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Underrated Weapons You Should Be Using

Nobody is going to underestimate the power of Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s a legendary weapon in both literature and gaming. In this particular game, it is in an unmarked underground location and can only be accessed after completing every single Treasure of Britain puzzle and defeating three Zealots wandering in the world.

But for all of the hype around this lucrative weapon, did you know there are actually one-handed weapons with higher DPS? And they require much less hassle to obtain too. Whether you know it or not, your new favorite weapon is likely already in your inventory.

The entries on this list are held to two rules. The first is that none of these weapons are given as major quest rewards, well-hidden, or purchased with real currency or opals. They must simply be found or bought in the natural world, making them undervalued. The second rule is that they have to be just as good as the weapons that get all of the attention.

10 Mark Of Sol

  • Predator Bow
  • Increase ability damage when low health.

After you finish upgrading your camp, check out your merchant as Yanli has a bow for Eivor. And not just any bow, a predator bow, the hardest hitting bow around. It’s just two or three points behind the Holmegaard Bow (which has to be bought through microtransactions) in damage, speed, and headshot, but it’s actually got about three times as much stun, making the Mark Of Sol the best bow to use against bosses. Somehow, it will only set Eivor back 700 silver.

9 Death-Skald

  • Light Bow
  • Increases critical chance the lighter you are.

Found in the underwater Roman Ruins of Hamtunscire, this light bow has damage better than most predator bows and nearly all hunter bows, even based on a single shot. Factor in that it’s a light bow and has faster firing and more ammunition and you’re looking at the bow with the highest DPS in the game, magnified even more if you are a light armor fan.

8 Fyrd Axe

  • One-Handed Axe
  • Bonus: +25 Critical Damage
  • Critical damage increased at low health (50% or less).

This one-handed axe is so undervalued that it’s just sitting there in the longhouse in Jorvik, ready for the taking. For comparison, players who bought the Season Pass got the Bear Claw one-handed axe, which has a base damage of 46 to the Fyrd Axe’s 67. Sometimes the best things in life really are free.

7 Soldier’s Flail

  • One-Handed Flail
  • Increases attack speed when close to full health.

Those who spent money at the Helix Store getting the Hag’s Bite might be irradiated to learn that there is another flail in the game that is better across the board. You’ll have to go to Hamtunscire and find the village of Chepeham. The Soldier’s Flail is inside the longhouse. The attack speed increase at close to full health is perfect if you’ve gotten into the rhythm of battle. Even without using that, it’s got the flat-out best stats.

6 Gungnir

  • One-Handed Spear
  • The spear’s reach is extended by a force field.

There are two other spears, the Areadhair and the Svipul, that are locked behind opals and microtransactions. And yet this weapon, the Gungnir, found stuck in a wall in Hordafylke, is better than any of those because of its comically long range. It’s longer than any weapon you’ll find in the game, including two-handed items.

5 Suttungr’s Claw

  • Dagger
  • Increase critical damage after each hit (up to 10 times).

How more people aren’t talking about this dagger is anybody’s guess. If you have longed to return to the days of a speedy assassin, Suttungr’s Claw will get you there in a hurry with its flurry of quick strikes. The dagger has no rival in its class, as it is unbeatable in every category you could want. The real reason it is underrated is that not enough people are using daggers, but the output on this weapon, especially against bosses that take multiple blows, is as good as any mainstream armament.

4 Battle Sparth

  • Two-Handed Axe
  • Increase attack when surrounded by more than three enemies.

This is found in an enemy camp in Lincolnscire and the inhabitants made no effort to hide it. Battle Sparth’s attack number already gives it the highest single-swing damage for two-handed axes in the game, but the real eye-popper is the weapon’s stun value, which looks like it belongs on a hammer rather than an axe. So if you use this, you’ll get the benefit of a mallet with the damage of an axe. Win-win!

3 Plank And Buckler

  • Heavy Shield
  • Increases when damage when parrying.

People haven’t seemed to catch on that shields can be good at blocking (and this one is) and also solid at doing damage. Plank and Buckler isn’t just good at the latter, it is phenomenal, with higher base damage than most legendary two-handed weapons.

Just remember to use that offhand strike button when you’ve got this weapon as it will probably do more damage than whatever is in your offhand. Players have been finding this in a cleared out camp in East Anglia and using it as their main weapon for the entire game.

2 The Morrigan’s Guard

  • Light Shield
  • Chance of poison cloud on parry.

If the last shield didn’t convince you to attack with it, this one just might. This shield ends up doing about twice the damage of a standard one-handed axe and still more damage than the best one-handed spears. The Morrigan’s Guard is in a humble manmade cave in Glowecestrescire and can easily substitute for a one-handed hammer or axe, even of the flawless variety.

1 Blacksmith’s Hammer

  • One-Handed Hammer
  • Heavy critical hits knock enemies on the ground.

This game underrates this weapon in its very name. It implies that the Blacksmith’s Hammer is made for crafting and not for combat. This is nowhere close to true, especially given the weapon’s special ability, which knocks opponents on the ground if you crit.

The crit rating on this weapon is also astonishingly high. Therefore, against stronger opponents, you’ll be sure to get a flurry of strikes in for free at least two or three times on the hardest settings.

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