Arma 3 Art of War Charity Pack DLC Highlights Community Art Of War Contest Entries

Video game developer Bohemia Interactive has announced the release of the Art of War Charity DLC for Arma 3. The DLC is the culmination of an Arma 3 community in-game art collection exhibition that began last year, with proceeds going to support the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its efforts for providing “humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence.”

Along with being a showcase for community art, the Art of War DLC also features a matching themed mission, as well as free and premium military cosmetic items. It’s available now to purchase from Steam in three tiers of $1.99, $4.99, and $9.99, with the Arma 3 base game currently carrying a 75% discount on Steam for a final $7.49 until March 1, 2021.

The Arma 3 Art of War Contest was launched back in May of 2020, and opened up to begin accepting art submissions from artists and Arma 3 players based on the theme “International Humanitarian Law in future conflict”. The contest sought to bring awareness and attention to International Humanitarian Law and “to raise a sizable monetary contribution to the ICRC’s humanitarian efforts” worldwide. The DLC is scheduled to be available for purchase to the end of this year, after which the money raised will be collected and put to use, and the DLC will become free to all Arma 3 owners.

The premium versions of the DLC will allow you to tour the Showcase Art of War, an in-game art exhibition displaying the community-submitted art for all to see. You’ll also be able to collect art gallery objects such as frames and canvasses, memorial objects, and even T-shirts. You’ll also get cosmetic items that include a civilian backpack, a formal military parade uniform and headgear, and a formal suit in several color combinations.

“We value the longstanding partnership with Bohemia Interactive and the support from the larger gaming community in helping raise funds for the ICRC and convey the importance of international humanitarian law. Such a contribution will help us in our humanitarian work to aid people around the world suffering from conflicts,” said Marek Resich from the Resource Mobilization division at the ICRC.

The main draw for purchasing the premium DLC version is the included single-player scenario Showcase Cultural Property, which will task you “with the recovery of precious artwork stolen in a war zone.” If you’d like to get more intel on what that mission involves and plays out like, the War Is Hell YouTube channel has an excellent near 30-minute video (embedded below) that covers it.

Click over to the official Arma 3 website for more info on the game, and visit the ICRC’s website to see (and support!) the most excellent work it does all over the world.

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