ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes and Classic PvP news

Today’s ARK Survival Evolved update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, with a special new mode also making its debut on PC.

Classic PvP mode is going live on PC today and is described as a “large-team competitive experience for ARK.”

The new mode has its own special rules, including higher levels of Experience gains available for a number of activities, Tribes set to 25 players and Tribal alliances disabled, though informal alliances are allowed.

“The Classic PvP game mode will also serve as a test for new experiences to come, and we’re excited for all the possibilities it can lead to,” Studio Wildcard explains.

“To start, we’ll be working with the community to actively seek out tribes and tribe leaders to be representatives in a new type of broadcasted competitive Classic PvP event.

“These representatives may be sponsored; therefore they must ensure that they’re upholding fundamental values within their tribe which promote clean and fair play. By doing so, they’ll be playing a significant role in expanding ARK’s competitive PvP gameplay and helping us shape the future of large group PvP.”

Back to the PS4 and Xbox One update, today’s new build of the popular survival game includes a range of bug fixes but doesn’t appear to include any new content.

Instead, it focuses on polishing the recently launched Homestead expansion, which is available on all platforms.

Studio Wildcard has also confirmed that they will be performing maintenance on their PC platform while Steam is down.

It’s unclear how long this downtime will last, although Wildcard did have this update to share on the subject, telling fans:

“During Steam’s downtime, we will be taking the opportunity to do some maintenance on all of our servers.

“All servers will remain offline at this time. Classic PvP will be put online after the maintenance period. Stand by for further info.”

As for today’s PS4 and Xbox One changes, Studio Wildcard shared official patch notes on their site.

As mentioned above, this includes a number of improvements for the Homestead expansion.

Wildcard has also removed several exploits found by players, as well as making changes to various modded versions of the game.



  • Fixed double door pickup after pickup timer has expired
  • Disabled structure pickup when inventory is full
  • Fixed bug preventing Triangle Roofs from being placed on Large Walls
  • Increased health of Fence Supports
  • Added Homestead Tek engrams to the boss dinos on Scorched, Aberration, and Extinction
  • Kibble
    • Set Yutyrannus eggs to be usable with Extraordinary kibble recipes
    • Fixed imprint requests on Scorched Earth
    • Fixed imprint requests on Aberration
    • Icon alterations
  • Dedicated Storage
    • Fixed potential crash
    • Disabled Withdraw Stack if your inventory is full
    • Now drops full inventory in all scenarios
    • Removed mention of fridge, as storage does not function as such
    • Prim+

      • Fixed issues with forge crafting.
      • Fixed issue with crafting new kibble.  
      • Fixed issue with beeswax production in beehives.
      • Fixed crafting issues with hazard suit.
      • Fixed misc issues with coal harvesting


      • Now take damage equivalent to flyers
      • Fixed Managarmr’s forward dashing when walking off edges


      • Reduced speed gain per level


      • Oviraptors are now allowed in via Obelisk transfer


      • Added Hesperonis spawns to the Desert and Snow biomes
      • Fixed a water volume in the Desert biome that was not set to trigger on collision
      • Adjusted Desert water spawner values to have more fish 


      • Speculative fix for infinite trike ram


      • Boot armor now matches other pieces

      Non-Homestead Tek

      • Added more Tek engrams to various bosses

      Platform Saddles

      • Re-disabled C4 placement
      • Disabled High Wall placement


      • Fixed exploit related to Enforcer
      • Fixed exploit related to Basilisks
      • Fixed exploit related to Fence Supports
      • Fixed exploit related to Tuso
      • Fixed exploit related to platform limits


      • Fixed crash related to mounts and walls
      • Fixed crash related to Managarmrs


      • Improved server performance when turning on and off electrical/water networks in certain circumstances


      • Fixed Disconnect related to Flex Pipes

      Explorer Notes

      • Fixed Explorer Note menu display bug

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