Archer And Fletcher Classes Now Available In Black Desert Mobile

Today marks the arrival of both the Archer and Fletcher classes in Black Desert Mobile. Pearl Abyss is celebrating their release with an event that should help you quickly level your new characters.

The two new classes are among the most agile in all Black Desert Mobile. Archers will use a retrofitted crossbow and the gauntlet Ra’ghon, while Fletchers will use a spear-like projectile called the Divine Piercer. Pre-creation opened last week, but now you can finally jump into the action with your personalized hero.

If you’re not interested in rolling a new class, Black Desert Mobile’s latest update brings a few other features that might catch your eye. Primal Accessories have been added to the game and can be crafted through the Crafting menu or at your Camp. They can be upgraded to Level 10 – and should provide you with a nice CP boost. Pearl Abyss also added the ability to Auto-Fuse both Crystal and Rune Chests, which should make it easy to quickly manage your inventory and create powerful items.

Several existing classes saw balance reworks this week, although Lotus’ tweaks are the most noticeable. “Lotus has been rebalanced with a focus on three main areas,” wrote Pearl Abyss. Here are those three areas:

  • Fast entry and exit in battle
  • Improvements to continuous chasing and attack
  • Improved reaction to enemies ranged attacks

A full list of changes can be found on the latest Black Desert Mobile blog, but the team is hoping the changes will make Lotus a more appealing – and powerful – class. Blade Master, Nova, and Phantasma also saw minor adjustments.

As is always the case, various bugs and quality of life improvements were introduced with the new patch, including the ability to use Auto-Hunt as soon as your character is created – you’ll no longer need to achieve Black Spirit Level 2 Awakening. The same goes for equipment, as you can use any equipment without the need to first level your Black Spirit, making it easier to climb the ranks and bolster your CP.

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