Apex Legends Teases Next Legend With New Video

Apex Legends has released a new teaser video, this time cluing fans in to the next legend to be added to the game. All signs point towards Horizon, who made her first appearance in-game a few weeks ago. Dr. Mary Somers introduces herself through a series of challenges, and suggests she’ll be joining you in the Apex Games soon. The new teaser video seems to have Horizon speaking in the background, mentioning something about Branthium.

The video is only seven seconds long, giving Apex Legends fans a small glimpse into the future of the game. The teaser is introduced as an “incoming transmission” of unknown origin. Though the audio is distorted by static, you can just make out a woman’s voice. You can’t tell exactly what she’s saying until the very end, where the closed captions confirm her saying “Branthium” before sighing.

Branthium has been mentioned in Apex Legends lore before, by Ash in season five. At the end of season five’s quest, Ash could be heard saying “all roads lead to Branthium.” There’s no telling how that ties in to what Horizon is saying in this teaser video, especially since we can only hear one word out of her message.

Also shown in the teaser is a distorted video of Newt, Horizon’s robot sidekick. Players meet Newt, along with Horizon herself, after completing the scholar’s firing range challenges. The image also lists the transmission as “video log 002,” implying there may be more video teasers on the way before season seven begins. 

Horizon has not been confirmed to join the Apex Legends roster, though multiple teasers point towards her joining the game’s legend lineup. Dr. Mary Somers introduces herself in-game, and has you complete a number of challenges for her. She’s collecting data the whole time, which she later states will “come in handy” when she “faces [you] in the Games.”

Horizon’s abilities have not yet been revealed either. Based on the challenges and data mined information, she is expected to have a kit full of gravity-defying powers. Horizon will likely enter Apex Legends on November 10th, when season seven is expected to go live.

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