Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Adds Wattson Heirloom

Apex Legends developer Respawn has announced the latest mid-season event, which brings pirate-themed cosmetics, Wattson’s heirloom, and sees the return of a fan-favourite festive LTM when it kicks off on December 7.

The Raiders Collection Event is the perfect fit for the sandy beaches of the latest map Storm Point, giving players the chance to get their hands on a host of nautical-themed cosmetics. Based on previous Collection Events, a few of these will be available through free rewards, while the majority can be purchased through event loot boxes.

In the trailer, we see Loba and Pathfinder Legendary skins take centre stage, and get close-ups of a beautiful R-301 skin complete with rainbow feather. Revenant seems to be cosplaying as Blackbeard, and Wraith, Valkyrie, and Wattson receive themed skins, too.

Wattson mains will be excited to hear that her heirloom is finally here, and the ‘Energy Reader’ appears to be a small pistol-shaped taser or something. We’ll get a closer look at it nearer the time, but fans of Ms Paquette will just be glad she’s finally getting some love in Season 11. After a complete rework at the beginning of the season and a desirable cosmetic added now, Wattson mains have a lot to celebrate. The heirloom will probably be available by buying all the Collection Event cosmetics as usual, or by using your Heirloom Shards if you’re lucky enough to have any going spare.

Players who use any other Legend will likely be more excited by the return of the Winter Express, however, as the community has requested the return of the high speed game mode more than any other. Spend a few minutes duking it out on World’s Edge’s fastest mode of transport and you’ll remember the excitement we all felt when the Winter Express LTM was last in the game – fighting fun for all the family!

As with all Apex Legends events, you get a balance patch to go along with the new game mode and abundant cosmetics. This time around, the patch notes include an Arc Star nerf and a custom reticle colour system, as well as a slight buff to Seer, who is currently languishing at the bottom of the list of most played Legends.

It’s been a barren few weeks of Apex Legends content, so players will be eager to jump in next week.

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