Apex Legends: 10 Mistakes Every New Player Makes

Apex Legends Season 8 is just about to drop at the time of writing, and the excitement has reached a fever pitch. We’ve written all about Fuse, Gold Magazines, and what else you can expect from Season 8, but we haven’t written much for players who are brand new to the game. Yes you, I’m talking to you.

Gather around all of ye who are too nervous to jump straight into Apex Legends, for I’m about to blow your mind wide open. It’s too easy to jump into Apex Legends and get shot down, but you shouldn’t be discouraged – you’re probably just making a few simple mistakes. Don’t worry about that though, just read through this list of mistakes I and many other experienced Apex Legends players have made, keep them in mind, and you’ll be playing like a professional in no time at all.

No Training Mode

Too many players jump straight into the game and ignore training mode. Yes, there’s a very brief mandatory training introduction that will teach you the basic mechanics, but that really isn’t as important as the Firing Range can be. Here you get access to every weapon and every item in the game, allowing you to test your shots on test dummies and targets alike, giving you a good idea of the kind of bullet drop and fire rates you can expect. Jump into the Firing Range with friends and turn off Friendly Fire to make things even more interesting while training.

ADS Disasters

The kind of scope you have equipped to a weapon dictates your ADS turn speed – and this can massively make you mess up, which is why many pro players prefer a 1x sight instead of something a bit more zoomed in. You can go into the Firing Range and tweak your preferred ADS turn speed for each individual sight zoom level, which is nice. Just make a few minor adjustments here.

The Ammo You Need

There are a bunch of ammo types in Apex Legends now: Light, Heavy, Energy, Shotgun, and Sniper. There may even be more in the future. In general you should grab the ammo type for your gun – duh – but also grab enough for your weapon. An R-99 eats through Light ammo rapidly, but a G7-Scout is single-fire only and runs through ammo much more slowly. As such, you should get much more ammo when carrying an automatic. Make sure to always go in with enough ammo for your weapon. LMGs will often require much more ammo to use effectively.

No Grenades

Grenades can take up valuable bag space, but they’re also very important, especially for end-game situations. Grenades can block escape routes for enemies, or flush them out of hiding. You should always hold on to at least one or two grenades in battle, with the most effective often being Arc Stars and Thermite Grenades.

All Wraith, All The Time

Yes, Wraith is cool, we get it, but do not use her all the time. She has a smaller hurtbox than most characters, but she also takes more damage, and she’s not quite as speedy as she feels. Wraith is a good character, but if you’re just starting out, you’re better off with the high defence of Gibraltar or Lifeline’s heal and revive abilities.

Jumping Off The Edge

If you go to the edge of the map in Apex Legends you will be pulled to your doom. Like, pulled. Take a wrong step on an otherwise seemingly innocent cliff-edge, and you’re done for, sliding off into the abyss. Yeah, try not to go near the edges of the map, and on Olympus especially you should watch what you’re jumping over…

Not Sliding And Climbing Enough

Apex Legends has great mobility – use it. You can climb pretty high, and most buildings are made to be mounted, so climb them. Use walls to your advantage, and don’t stay grounded if you don’t have to. Also, if you’re on a slope you can jump, crouch in the air, and you’ll start sliding as you land. This is a fun and unpredictable motion that will take you out of the line of fire while you reload, or recentre your reticule on a different enemy.

Playing With Experienced Friends

You might think playing with your experienced Apex Legends loving friends is a good way to get invested in the game, but actually? No. Apex Legends uses a skill-based matchmaking system, which means you will always be ranked against players of a “similar” skill level to your highest-ranked party member. If your friend is a high-level they’re either going to be good enough to carry you, or you’re going to be overwhelmed by high-level opponents. Maybe go solo for a while.

Avoiding Ranked Mode

Everyone fears and avoids ranked mode, but listen: you should absolutely play ranked mode. If you’re a new player you won’t have access to ranked mode until you’re level 10, but ranked mode at that stage is filled with other low-skill players, and as a result it makes for a much more relaxing game of Apex Legends. It might sound intimidating, but it’ll be far easier than playing with your skilled buddies.

Keep On Moving

New players don’t know the maps yet, which is perfectly reasonable, but not knowing the map isn’t much of an excuse when you’ve been shot dead. There are too many legends with abilities and grenades that can flush you out of a tight spot, no matter how locked-down that area seems, and as such, you should keep moving at all times. Just, keep running. If you ever find yourself stuck with two teams that know where you are, you shouldn’t stay still, you should relocate. If you are ever unsure of what to do, relocate to a new area – it’s for the best.

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