ANNO: Mutationem – All Side Missions In Skopp City

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  • Find The Suspect (Bonnie Parker Murder Investigation)
  • Ask The Antique Shop Owner For Information
  • Find The Weapon Blueprint
  • The Man In The Sewer
  • Find The Suspect (Searching For The Intruder)
  • Trace The Lead Singer
  • Freeway 42 Side Missions
  • Collect The Mysterious Coins
  • Repair The Cable Car
  • Provide The Man With An Arc Draught

While ANNO: Mutationem doesn't feature the most elaborate side quests ever seen in a game, a few of them can definitely be a little tricky (especially finding Bonnie Parker's Killer). Thus, we have compiled a handy-dandy list of all the side missions located in Skopp City, and how to complete them all.

With this information in hand, you will never be able to avoid getting stuck doing side content. As much fun as it may be wandering up and down the halls of an apartment building, looking at apartments through peepholes, and having no idea what the game wants from you, we know what you really want. To get back to slicing and dicing cybernetically enhanced goons with laser swords as quickly as humanly possible.

Find The Suspect (Bonnie Parker Murder Investigation)

Once you complete this quest you will no longer be able to travel to the different floors of the apartment building. So, make sure you search all the floors for items before you complete this side mission.

One of the first side-quests you can take is a murder investigation. Look through the peephole of Bonnie Parker’s door (her room is just to the left of the elevator). You will see her corpse and call the authorities. A policewoman named Ingrid will arrive, and you will then be hired to assist in the murder investigation. Now, go to the sixth floor. Here, you will find that there is a room that looks an awful lot like the victim’s apartment, with the primary difference being that the talisman hanging above the altar is in three pieces, not six. This is a hint that you are supposed to go down to the third floor.

Proceed down to the third floor. Here, you will find another room similar to the victim’s, but the talisman is in two pieces. Now, go down to the second floor, you will see the same thing again, but now the talisman is in four pieces. Now, go up to the fourth floor; during your elevator ride you will be transferred to a strange pocket dimension.

Here you will do some light platforming while moving to the right of the screen until you hit a long stretch that goes absolutely nowhere. After you have run straight for a few seconds, turn back, and you find the elevator with the suspect inside. Talk to him and you will complete the mission (while receiving some intriguing details that are never addressed again). You will be rewarded with some credits, 20 grombits, and a grom upgrade point.

Ask The Antique Shop Owner For Information

As you attempt to exit your apartment building you will be forced into a conversation with Blind Jacket. He is irate because someone has been throwing their junk off the balcony on floor 8. After a few unfounded accusations, he will hire you to find the culprit. You will then be given the destroyed antique computer.

Take the computer to the used goods store above Alan’s Research Base. Here you will be informed that the computer was purchased by someone in apartment 710, the apartment beside yours. Return to floor eight and talk to men bickering with each other, they just so happen to be the residents of apartment 710. Return to Blind Jacket and accuse one of them.

You are never specifically told which party is responsible, but if you were paying attention during the opening section, the answer is obvious. We actually witness the computer being thrown out of the room at the beginning of the game, and we can see the slender brother arguing with a man when this happens, so the larger of the two is definitely the culprit. That being said, it doesn’t seem to matter who you accuse. Either way, you will be rewarded with 20 experience points.

Find The Weapon Blueprint

Chat with Dynamite at the weapons shop, he will ask you to find the people who stole his blueprints. He will tell you that the thieves are located at Freeway 42. You are going to go there as part of the main story content anyway, so accept this quest. During your travels through Freeway 42, the second Rock Crab you encounter will drop the damaged blueprints. Bring these back to Dynamite and you will be rewarded with the Greatsword: Vocalis and a cryptokey (as well as 30 grombits).

The Man In The Sewer

While wandering around Skopp City you can interact with a man hiding in the sewer (you talk to the manhole). He is located to the left of the rock band performing in the street. He wants a Minty Delight. The Minty Delight can be purchased south of where the manhole cover is. Give it to the odd fellow in the sewer, and you will receive a Cyber Neko.

The "Locate The Suspect" and "Missing Band Member" quests will not be available until after you complete the Freeway 42 section of the game.

Find The Suspect (Searching For The Intruder)

If you talk to the police officer to the right of the Minty Delight stand (in the southeast section of the map), you will be tasked with locating an "unidentified intruder". Use your scanning function to follow the footsteps (these will only be visible after scanning). They will take you to the northwest section of the Skopp City map.

You will find a desperate woman and her dog there. This lady is your suspect. She is looking for credits to help cure her dog. You can give her the credits, or you can turn her in to the authorities. No matter which option you choose, you will complete the quest line and be rewarded with a cryptokey.

Trace The Lead Singer

Talk to AD, he will tell you that Apollo, the lead singer of Kill Templar, is missing. AD will tell you to track down Oedipus, as he probably knows his whereabouts. Oedipus is in Noctis City; he is the guy jamming on the guitar near the club.

Oedipus will tell you that he doesn’t know where Apollo is, but that he had some dealings with the ROM vendor in town. After talking to Oedipus, head north to the ROM vendor. He will inform you that Apollo has had his memories wiped and gone off the grid.

Return to Skopp City and talk to AD. You can either tell him that Apollo is dead or that he has had his memories wiped, it doesn’t seem to matter which option you choose. He will give you 40 EXP and a cryptokey.

Freeway 42 Side Missions

Freeway 42 isn't really part of Skopp City, but since the quests are somewhat intertwined, so we are going to lump them in here.

Collect The Mysterious Coins

Once you have defeated Mother Grub, Thomas will ask you to collect ten gold coins and have them tested. The majority of these are located in treasure chests placed out in the open. However, there are three coins that are hidden a little more deviously.

Left of the room where you can fight the Rock Crab, there are two platforms placed up high. You will only be able to reach them once you have your double jump. Hop up there and three gold coins will be in the chest. Next Thomas will ask you to have them analyzed. Take them to Ayane's pharmacist friend in Skopp City. At which point you will complete the quest and be rewarded with some credits and a cryptokey.

Repair The Cable Car

Talk to Commander. He needs you to help him repair the cable car. In order to do that, you are going to have to kill a number of the mutants and reclaim the missing parts. Conveniently, the mutants holding these parts are all completely unmissable and directly on your path to the level's boss. Once you have collected all the parts, interact with the computer (to the right of where you fight Absalom) and you will complete the quest. The pay-off is, predictably, a cryptokey (and some grombits). You will also now have access the cable car.

Provide The Man With An Arc Draught

Right beside the Commander who tasks you with acquiring the parts for the lift, there is a man who is interested in trying drinking one of those fancy colored waters. All you need to do is get an Arc Draught from Noctis City (you will find it in a vending machine on the southeast side of town). Give it to the Underground Tribe Member in the underground base. You receive a cryptokey for your troubles.

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