Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 10 Ways To Decorate Your Island’s Entrance

Decorating your island is half (or all) of the fun for many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players! This iteration of the series allows players to do more than ever before, even altering the natural cliffs and rivers around them.

They say to put your best foot forward, so, naturally, players are looking for ways to decorate the area just outside their airport, where visitors arrive on the island. We've gathered 10 of the best ideas that you can tweak and work with to create something perfect for your island.

10 Funnel With Cliffs

Our first suggestion is to build up cliffs around your island entrance!

First, it's a great way to separate parts of your island from the entrance and fully control the aesthetic that your visitors see when they arrive.

Second, by building the cliffs strategically you can funnel your guests out of the airport in whatever direction you prefer! It's much better than them getting lost among your villagers' houses or something.

The left-hand example is from u/sixelabalexis on Reddit. The right-hand example is from u/eggkit on Reddit.

9 Move Your Shops Nearby

If you're having a lot of visitors over to your island, it might be because they're visiting your local shops. For example, if you're participating in the online "Stalk Market," other players might be visiting to sell their Turnips!

So, why not place your shops front-and-center for ease of access? It also means that you can block off the rest of your island and not fret about your visitors shaking your money trees or picking your flowers.

The example is from @moralesrivera0408 on Pinterest.

8 Emerging From The Wilderness

Even if your island aesthetic isn't full of trees, plants, and generally natural scenes, it might be nice to add a small forest to the front of your island.

If it fits with your aesthetic, then perfect! The more trees the merrier! If you're going for more of a city vibe, this could still work. It can be powerful to be surrounded by the wilderness before emerging into a bustling town.

The left-hand example is from @elfinfawn on Twitter. The right-hand example is from @cricketisle on Instagram.

7 Unnecessary Waterfalls

If there's anything we know that Animal Crossing: New Horizons players love to do, it's creating large and unnecessary waterfalls. But are they really unnecessary if they make you happy?

Regardless, there are a lot of creative designs you can create with waterfalls and rivers beside your island entrance – only two of which are shown above! You can pair this with some of the other ideas featured on this list to create something unique and special.

The left-hand example is from u/kelsey_anne123 on Reddit. The right-hand example is from @FindingsGaloreInc on Pinterest.

6 Train Tracks

The nice thing about trains is that they fit into a ton of different aesthetics. Cities have trains. Country villages have trains. Trains pass through the wilderness. Do you have a fairy-core, fantastical island? You can make a train fit in – or have you never seen a Studio Ghibli movie?

With all the varied new decorations added in New Horizons – and then again in the 2.0 update – there are plenty of different creative options to run your own train track on the island and decorate alongside it.

The left-hand example is from @mobiicrossing on Twitter. The right-hand example is from @kvocotta on Pinterest.

5 Path Around A Centerpiece

A round path going around a centerpiece is a perfectly respectable way to decorate an island's entrance. It's pretty, but it also allows you to build a branching path off in any direction you choose.

The players responsible for the images above have chosen fountains – a common and lovely choice – but there's no reason that you couldn't use something else, like the Nuptial Bell, a piece of art, or some unique flower breeds.

The left-hand example is from @sleepyluck on Twitter. The right-hand example is from

4 Practical And Fun

Who is your airport really for? You will spend a little time there, but the people who will really appreciate it are the visitors. If those visitors are strangers, you might want to build your entrance with that in mind.

You may need them to pay a fee before they continue past, build an area for tips, block off part of the island, and more. The image above creates a small area with a river to jump across – only a small number of people could fit at one time, and if they tried to jump across the river before paying the fee to visit, you'd have plenty of warning due to the extra time it takes to jump.

The example is from a deleted Reddit user.

3 Match Your Aesthetic

One thing to keep in mind whenever you're building your entrance is your island's aesthetic. We've mentioned your aesthetic in passing but you should really keep it in the forefront of your mind as you plan.

First of all, there may be an obvious entrance idea that goes with your aesthetic. It's a great way to brainstorm. On the other hand, there may be obvious things that you can cross off the list for yourself. If you're making a fairy-core island, you may not want to include vending machines. It may sound small, but eliminating even some designs will help narrow down your list of options.

The left-hand example is from u/eowyn1990 on Reddit. The right-hand example is from @YLLY_ACNH on Twitter.

2 A Diagonal Bridge

Is your plaza not directly in front of your airport? Did you want a path going directly to your plaza from your airport? You're not alone.

This is so common that building a river in front of the airport just to put a diagonal bridge on top of it is extremely normal. It might be tricky if you're desperate to connect it to your other rivers, but undoubtedly possible. While you could lay down a diagonal path or custom path, they don't always look good due to the limitations of the system and the bridge feels particularly direct.

The left-hand example is from @ephhemere_acnh on Twitter. The right-hand example is from @jena_belle on Pinterest.

1 Mini Plaza

If your Resident Services building is far enough from the airport, you might consider building your own little plaza in front of the airport for your guests.

There are tons of ways to make this fit your aesthetic, even if it's not conventional. Cottage-core? Use wooden furniture and dirt paths. Fairy-core? Add lots of colorful lights and mushroom furniture. As an added bonus, having only one entrance also makes it easy to funnel visitors one-by-one if necessary.

The left-hand example is from @RebeccaGrewcock on Pinterest. The right-hand example is from u/jae_iin on Reddit.

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