Among Us developer ‘kind of offended’ over Fortnite Impostors mode

Two Among Us developers have criticised Epic Games for their new Impostors game mode, with claims even the map is a copycat.

The new Impostors mode in Fortnite is a pretty obvious copy of Among Us, just with a different setting and a few different details, but it seems Among Us developer Innersloth are less than impressed by the similarities.

Video games copy each other all the time – Fortnite adding a battle royale mode almost led to legal action by the makers of PUBG, when it first came out – but Innersloth’s Gary Parker has taken to Twitter to complain about the Impostors map being similar to original Among Us map The Skeld.

‘It’s okay tho’ they flipped electrical and medbay and connected security to the cafeteria’, he says sarcastically, before adding: ’I wasn’t even around for the development of Skeld and I’m still kind of offended.’

Among Us is not itself an original idea, as it’s very similar to age old social deduction games Mafia and Werewolf, but it’s the similarities between the maps and the fact that Epic Games never contacted Innersloth that’s upset the developers.

‘It would’ve been really, really cool to collab’, said community director Victoria Tran. ‘Like game mechanics fine, those shouldn’t be gatekept, but at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting?’

‘It hits so weirdly personal because it feels exactly like being a woman/POC in tech. it feels like a powerless ‘lol what’s the point anymore’ of making our own stories/content.’

As soon as Impostors was announced, there was surprise that Epic Games didn’t just organise an official crossover with Among Us, as they have with so many other video game and movie properties.

However, it seems as if not only were Innersloth not consulted but they would have been interested in a collaboration, if only they’d been asked.

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