Amnesia: The Bunker Launches May 16, 2023

Amnesia: The Bunker has a release date. Although developer Frictional Games said that The Bunker would arrive sometime in March, the latest update delays the game slightly to May 16. A two-month wait isn’t too long in today’s era of game development, so there’s no complaints from me

Frictional has also provided us with more details on what to expect when we dive into The Bunker. In the newest Amnesia game, you’ll take on the role of Henri Clement, a French soldier who was left behind by his battalion during World War 1. Now trapped inside an abandoned bunker, Clement discovers he’s not alone–a terrifying creature stalks his every move, waiting for a moment of vulnerability to make Henri into its next meal.

Unlike previous Amnesia games, The Bunker will actually provide the player with a revolver pistol. However, don’t think for a second that this turns Amnesia from a psychological horror game into a survival shooter. Bullets will be extremely scarce as the battalion took as much ammo with them as they pulled out. Henri will scrounge for anything he can find to defeat the monster and escape the bunker.

The Bunker’s website confirmed that this entry will be a semi-open-world game, but today we find out that it will also feature an "unscripted environment, where objects, threats, and resources change with every playthrough." That sounds a lot like procedurally-generated map assets, but we’ll have to wait for Fractional Games to provide more details.

Other than that, we can expect Henri to deal with the usual hazards of a warzone, including traps left by his former comrades. Nearby tools might help Henri escape, or they might just give him an easy out. Whether he faces his fears and turns despair into hope is entirely up to you.

Amnesia: The Bunker arrives on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam on May 16, 2023.

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