Ambitious Mod Fallout 4: New Vegas Gets New 10th Anniversary Gameplay Trailer

It’s hard to believe, but Fallout: New Vegas is 10 years old. New Vegas is so beloved by fans that even a decade later people are still modding the Obsidian-developed original to compete with modern-day games.

But there’s only so much you can do with the original Fallout 3 engine. That’s why a team of modders is taking Fallout 4’s engine and using it to totally remake New Vegas from the ground up.

The Fallout 4: New Vegas team is composed of dozens of modders (mostly operating out of Nexus Mods) that have been diligently working for the past two years to bring back New Vegas. The ambitious project got a spooky April Fools update earlier this year that showed us the first few moments of gameplay, but this latest trailer shows for far the team has come since then.

Goodsprings, Quarry Junction, Primm, Helios One, Nipton, the NCR Correctional Facility–all these iconic locations are represented in the new trailer, along with almost all of New Vegas’s armaments. That includes the .357 revolver, Hunting Rifle, Anti-Material Rifle, Cowboy Repeater, Shotgun, and many more.

The dangerous denizens of the Mojave are also back, such as Radscorpions, Deathclaws, and the dreaded Cazador. While you certainly won’t want to pet any of those, you will want to pet Rex the cybernetic pooch.

It looks like Fallout 4: New Vegas is really coming along, but there are a few notable areas that weren’t represented at all in the trailer. New Vegas itself wasn’t shown, nor was Novac, Nelson Air Base, or Camp Searchlight. Other than the Vicki & Vance Casino, there also weren’t many internal scenes shown, so likely that still has to be worked on.

If I had to guess, I’d say Fallout 4: New Vegas is roughly half done. So it’ll just be another two years before we get our hands on it. By then, there might even be a Fallout 5 in the works, or maybe even a Fallout: New Vegas 2.

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