Amazon is offering $24 off the new, better battery Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has gone through a couple of iterations since its launch, like the Switch Lite, and the newer Switch with a better battery life. Amazon has a discount available on the newer standard Switch system that can be accessed with an onsite coupon.

There’s an option to apply a coupon to the Switch upon purchase that brings the price down from $299.99 USD to $247.99. The sale is just for the console, and does not include any games or accessories bundled into a package.

The sale is “for a limited time only” according to Amazon, so it’s not clear how wide this window of opportunity is.

The updated Switch was released in July 2019, and adds a higher capacity batter that extends the system’s life. The Switch Lite, a $200 portable model with no docking station, was released in September 20. The new Switch is marked with a red box to distinguish itself from its launch predecessors. For players who want an upgrade to their system, and aren’t interested in the ultra-portable Switch Lite, this is a nice opportunity.

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