Alinity Wouldn’t Be Welcome On That One Site That Rhymes With Cornstub

The world’s biggest streaming site for adult content has taken an official stance against Twitch superstar Alinity. To the one-time cat thrower Pornhub says: “No thanks.”

It’s impossible to talk about Twitch without mentioning Alinity these days. The controversial figure remains one of the top streamers on the platform despite also serving as the go-to example for Twitch’s history of hypocrisy and double standards on the platform. If Twitch is in the conversation, you can be sure someone is going to bring up banning Alinity.

Exhibit A: a (fairly innocuous) tweet from the official Twitch account asked a simple question: Know of any good non-gaming streams on right now?

While a flood of recommendations for artists, IRL, and other non-gaming streams came pouring in, the always opportunistic Pornhub account jumped at the chance for some cross-brand promotion.

Pornhub’s Twitter is pretty infamous for trolling other brands accounts with tongue-in-cheek replies. They seem to always have their finger (and other parts) on the pulse of popular culture. Just recently the account was in a bit of hot water for using Baby Yoda to advertise the site.

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The reply brings us, as things so often do, to Alinity. Someone had a very important question for Pornhub, and Pornhub gave us the exact answer we wanted to hear:

Twitch may not have the integrity to ban big time streamers when they break the rules, but Pornhub is at least willing to take a stand against favoritism. The one word tweet earned Pornhub the title of “Most trustworthy site on the internet” from on Twitter user, and we’re inclined to agree.

Alinity, if you’re somehow unaware, has become a lightning rod for the pushback against Twitch’s shady moderation over the last year. The campaign against her essentially began when she tossed her cat Milo over her shoulder on stream. Twitch users were able to quickly dig up a variety of incriminating clips of her, including one in which she seems to be feeding her cat alcohol.

More recently, Alinity montage of her dog “getting frisky” with her went viral. What’s the deal with Alinity and weird animals stuff?

It’s nice to know at least Pornhub knows where the draw the line, though I imagine taking moral direction from them could lead to some rather…sticky situations.

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