Age Of Calamity: Pro Tips For Playing As Urbosa

Even though it was expected that players would be able to use Urbosa in Age of Calamity, it was still satisfying to see that the ruler of the Gerudo who can fling lightning like it’s going out of style was a playable option. With fast swipes of her sword and a click of her fingers, Urbosa is able to fry Ganon’s minions with ease as she dashes around the battlefield.

Urbosa’s weapon of choice might suggest that she is a relatively simple character, but her common weapon type hides her difficulty in practice thanks to her lightning mechanic, which is both the source of her great power as well as one of her more challenging aspects.


Like Link’s one-handed weapons, Urbosa’s playstyle is fairly simple though it can become complex when strong attacks and combos are added to the mix. Despite her sword being rather short, her large stature means that she is never as out of reach as she appears and can usually attack from further away than would otherwise be expected. Urbosa is also quite nimble, being able to move around the battlefield quite fast compared to other larger characters like Daruk or Hestu.

Strong Attack

A standard strong attack will cause Urbosa to thrust straight ahead in a narrow band, hitting either a single target or a handful of grouped enemies for a little bit of damage. If there are lightning charges available, however, this attack increases in damage and range as she casts lightning ahead of her while also increasing the width of the attack. With more charges available, she can perform multiple attacks in quick succession that are capable of burning through enemy health bars quite quickly.

Special Attack

Unlike most other characters, Urbosa’s special attack deals damage all around her in a dome that looks much like Riju’s protective circle from Breath of the Wild. Anything caught inside this dome is dealt damage, though whichever target is right in front of her takes the actual bolt.

This attack, along with her weak point smash, also completely refills Urbosa’s lightning charges, so it can also be used as a way of instantly powering her up rather than using her combos or her unique action.

Basic Combo String

Although she shares a similar weapon to Link, Urbosa’s standard string isn’t great for dealing with large groups of enemies, as the majority of her attacks will attack either straight in front of her or in a very narrow band on either side of her. Because of this, her standard string is great for dealing with strong, single-target enemies, though falls short when dealing with waves of Bokoblins or Yiga clan members.

Strong Attack Combos

This is where Urbosa’s strengths really come into play. When using a strong attack combo, her sword will spark with electricity and allow her to continue attacking for massive electrical damage that also adds some much-needed range and width to her attacks that is lacking in her standard string. With some banked lightning charges, Urbosa can shave off large chunks of an enemy’s health bar very quickly, particularly with her second combo.

Weak Point Drainer

Urbosa’s best weak point drainer is her aforementioned second combo, where she leaps forward repeatedly to attack with both her sword as well as lightning. Unfortunately for Urbosa, her weak point draining capabilities are only noteworthy while she has lightning charges available, as this is both the central aspect of her playstyle as well as where the bulk of her damage output comes from.

Sheika Runes

Like most other characters, Urbosa should be making the most of Stasis whenever she is up against a strong enemy, as it allows her to deal significant damage to enemies even without her lightning charges. Bombs are also good, but only on single targets so they are best left for when the signal to use them comes up on stronger enemies.

Magnesis and Cryonis are far less useful with Urbosa than any other character and only really serve to break through a strong enemy’s guard rather than having any alternative uses.


Like Link, Urbosa has access to shield parries, which allows her to send Guardian beams back to the sender as well as stagger armed enemies with the right timing, making her one of the few characters who are easily able to deal with Guardians. She is also quite nimble, meaning dodging isn’t out of the question either as she is generally able to move around the battlefield quite easily even while attacking.

Weapon Modifiers

For the most part, any standard weapon modifier works for Urbosa, such as the Normal Attack Damage and Strong Attack Damage increases. Flurry Rush Timing Window is also useful since Urbosa’s Flurry Rush attacks deal significant damage and also allow her to capitalize on her lightning attacks immediately afterward. Urbosa can also take advantage of Damage to Mid-Air Enemies since her lighting strikes tend to light enemies into the air if they aren’t killed outright.

Unique Action

While Urbosa can charge her lightning indefinitely by simply holding down ZR, this locks her in place and makes her very susceptible to taking damage, though she is still able to dodge out of it. The best use of her unique action is to perform a strong attack combo, then press ZR when prompted to immediately charge her lighting a small amount. The amount of charge differs depending on the combo used, but the general rule is that the longer the combo is, the more charge she will regain when charging this way.

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