After Over A Week, Twitter Beats Misty In Pokémon Red Through User’s Avatar

Programmer Constantin Liétard, over a week ago, started up a game of Pokémon Red that is being played entirely through their Twitter avatar by followers. Users comment commands and the most frequent ones go through, so it’s a little like Twitch Plays if not more ambitious. Now, they’ve beaten the second Gym Leader, Misty.

Twitter managed to pull off this feat with a Level 18 Oddish named CURSE. Alongside them, in the party, are Spearow, a Wigglytuff named POP, a Wartortle going by AMAYBE, a Geodude called ABBPRI, and an Abra deceptively nicknamed Alakazam.

Misty is the second Gym Leader in Pokémon Red out of eight. With that in mind, given that it only took a week to get there, against all odds, they should have the Elite Four down before you know it.

Up next on Twitter’s road to victory is the Vermillion City Gym with leader Lt. Surge, a lightning specialist. They’ll have to duke it out with Voltorb, Pikachu, and Raichu. It could be a tough battle, but since Brock and Misty are down, they should be able to pull through this one too.

The brains behind this venture is the aforementioned Constantin Liétard, a Gameloft Montreal programmer. As of writing this, the thread that lets followers play the game currently has a staggering 58.6k comments.

Users must comment Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, or Select on the Tweet in question in order to make an impact on what’s going on in the avatar which is refreshed every 15 seconds so that the program can pull the most commented input. It was started in early January but reset on January 9 to add this clause, and on January 12, Constantin added the team to his banner. If you want to join in, all you need is a Twitter account and some free time.

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