Add These Steam Forged Games Red Dragon And Kobold Horde Minis To Your Next Epic Encounter

Tabletop roleplaying game accessory crafter Steam Forged Games recently added two new miniature sets to its Epic Encounters product line: Lair of the Red Dragon, and Shrine of the Kobold Queen. Both sets are currently available for preorder on the SFG webstore, with shipping scheduled to launch October 12, 2020.

SFG’s Epic Encounters product line is more than a set of finely-crafted miniatures to help make your tabletop RPG encounters more epic. The sets also come with ready-to-play encounters compatible for use with the fifth edition of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game. As such, these two sets come with their own separate encounters. And since fifth edition canon has kobolds as very often being minions to dragons, these two sets may be combined to make for an even more epic encounter.

The Lair of the Red Dragon set comes with an iconic red dragon miniature, complete with stats, an encounter, and adventure prompts to spark more epic encounters. In full, the box contains:

  • 1 Red Dragon Miniature (11-inch wingspan, 4.5 inch height)
  • Double-Sided Game Mat
  • Adventure Book (with Monster Stats)
  • Tips and tricks for running an awesome encounter (that work for any RPG game).

Lik the Red Dragon set, the Shrine of the Kobold Queen set contains its own specific encounter, this one involving the Queen of the Kobolds and a menacing prophecy. It also contains:

  • 20 Detailed Kobold Minis (including NINE unique sculpts!)
  • Double-Sided Game Mat
  • Adventure Book with Monster Stats
  • Tips and tricks for running an awesome encounter (that work for any RPG game).

If you are currently running, or plan to run, the fifth edition Tyranny of Dragons series, the Shrine of the Kobold Queen set would be a good set to have, as both the Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat have kobold tribes in service to a dragon including in their stories. And of course, a red dragon is one of the most archetypal creatures in fifth edition. If your players are looking for a challenge, just sets this mini on to the table to see how serious their request is.

These two sets brings SFG’s Epic Encounters product line to four sets, with the previous two being Caverns of the Frost Giant and Hall of the Orc King. If you’re looking for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden minis, check out these two sets.

If you’d like to see the new mini sets in action, SFG has an excellent UNBOXING “Epic Encounters – Lair of the Red Dragon” video over on its YouTube channel.

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