Activision Bans Twitch Streamer From Call Of Duty Tournament Who "Harassed" Player With Fake Marriage Proposal

A top competitive Call of Duty player was banned from a recent tournament after he "harassed" another player, according to Activision. And that harassment apparently came in the form of an unwanted marriage proposal.

This strange tale (with thanks to Kotaku) begins last month when Doug "Censor" Martin began threatening to out Call of Duty cheaters courtesy of some insider information. Martin said that he'd obtained a list of cheaters that were generated from a known cheat maker's internal database. He'd already exposed one such cheater who then went to Nadia Amine, a rising star in the Call of Duty: Warzone scene, to warn her that she'd be next.

Amine has been a target of harassment from other Warzone players, many of which accuse her of cheating without any concrete evidence. The same crowd that harasses Amine then went to Martin to demand that he use his insider knowledge to expose her.

Martin played into the crowd's expectations with tweets that mentioned Amine, and then two days later dropped a video that didn't so much expose her as a cheater as it did expose Martin as a huge fan. The eight-minute video then ended with Martin proposing marriage, to which Amine seemingly replied with a Twitter post that read: "I’m so happy I like women."

In a tweet posted weeks later, Martin admitted that the whole thing was a "troll video" and that he actually thinks Nadia is a "content genius." Activision, however, didn't see it that way. In a now-deleted tweet, Martin admitted he'd been banned from the Fortune's Keep tournament last weekend–a tournament with a $100,000 prize pool and one where Amine also competed.

"They said I 'harassed her'," wrote Martin. "I found that quite hysterical to be honest."

Team Envailed, composed of Envailed, Sage, and Clamp, eventually took home the $30,000 first-place prize.

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