A Year After Release, Google Stadia Will Finally Let You Stream Directly To Google Owned YouTube

Google Stadia launched way back in November of 2019. The service was supposed to allow you to stream your games directly to another Google-owned property as soon as the service became available. Now, a year later, that promise has been fulfilled—you can finally stream your games directly to YouTube using Google Stadia.

The two services were always intended to work together and compliment each other. YouTube is, after all, one of the biggest outlets for game streaming that there is, having reached the astonishing milestone of 100 billion watch time hours and 40 million active gaming channels. Google would need to seriously drop the ball to miss out on the opportunity to tap directly into that market with a native service.

From the beginning, the plan had been for creators to invite viewers to join their gaming sessions with a small ad. Click the ad, and you can jump straight into the game. Even better, streaming directly to YouTube would be as simple as pressing a button. The outlet 9to5Google was first to report that the option to stream directly to YouTube was no longer blacked out for some users, though the option is still not available to all users.

With Cyberpunk 2077’s release just days away, Google seems to know that this is a pivotal moment for Stadia. Pre-ordering Cyberpunk for Stadia will get you a full equipment set-up, much like the marketing effort earlier this year that sent equipment to YouTube premium members. If Stadia fails to capitalize on one of the most anticipated games of the year, it doesn’t bode well for the longevity of the system.

Google has confirmed that, as of today, all Google Stadia users will have the ability to stream directly to YouTube with their devices. All that you will need to do is connect your YouTube account, define the particulars of your stream, and you’re off to the races. Time will tell if Google left itself enough time to address any issues that Stadia users might have between now and Cyberpunk’s release.

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