A Plague Tale: Requiem: How To Craft

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Amicia and Hugo de Rune face plenty of dangers in A Plague Tale: Requiem. The sequel brings us back to dark, cold, unforgiving fourteenth-century France as the de Rune siblings try to find a place to live in this unfair world. Whether it’s bloodthirsty guards or repugnant rodents, danger can pop up at any moment.

Amicia can craft different alchemical projectiles to use in battle against guards and rats or to help make a quick escape. Throughout the game, you can unlock abilities like Unstable Reaction or Alchemy Knowledge to improve Amicia’s crafting. We’ll analyze everything regarding how to craft in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Ways To Craft

Amicia has three ways she can craft her alchemical projectiles. While holding your sling, crossbow, jar, or hand, you can perform quick crafts and use whatever resources you have stocked.

However, you won’t be able to see your inventory, as this method is strictly for fast crafting in the field and might not be a viable option throughout the game.

You can also bring up the weapon wheel and craft here. Not only will you see the quantities of each resource so you can better plan how many alchemical projectiles you should create, but accessing the weapon wheel will also slow down the game in case you’re in combat.

A more informed view of Amicia’s crafting can be accessed through the game menu. You can see the different alchemical projectile types, resource quantities, and a tutorial video of what each projectile looks like when used.

Crafting Alchemical Projectiles

Throughout the game, Amicia will learn how to craft a total of four alchemical projectiles: Ignifer, Exstinguis, Tar, and Odoris. Right away, Amicia will quickly learn how to craft Ignifer and Exstinguis, but it won’t be until chapter seven that she’s able to craft all of them. Crafting each of the alchemical projectiles requires two different resources but only one of each.

Alchemical ProjectileResources RequiredEffect
  • One Alcohol
  • One Sulphur
Lights embers
  • One Saltpeter
  • One Sulphur
Extinguishes fires
  • One Alcohol
  • One Resin
Spreads flammable surfaces or amplifies fires
  • One Episanguis
  • One Saltpeter
Attracts the surrounding rats for a short period

For the majority of the game, Ignifer will be Amicia’s best friend. Not only is it highly effective in clearing rats from your path, but you can also combine the flames with Tar to amplify the flames. This is a deadly combination to use against armoured guards.

Odoris is another method to disperse the rats, as this alchemical property intoxicates the rodents with alluring scents that will temporarily preoccupy them. You won’t use Exstinguis often in the game, but certain situations will call for snuffing out any fires, even if the darkness is a dangerous place to be.

Finding Resources

You need to collect various resources to craft alchemical projectiles to use in the game. There are five different resources for crafting: Alcohol, Sulphur, Saltpeter, Resin, and Episanguis. Resources are mainly found in chests or open crates throughout each chapter, and you can unlock Bottomless Bag to allow Amicia to carry additional resources in her bag.

Crafting frequently will passively increase her Opportunism skillset, which is key for Amicia to excel in crafting. Having the Nothing Lost and Pure Product perks will make Amicia’s life easier when it comes to crafting.

The former allows Amicia to save one resource when she crafts alchemical ammo and the latter lets her craft an additional alchemical projectile with the same amount of resources. Both passive perks combined will help you save immensely on crafting resources.

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