A New Dynasty Warriors Game Is In Production (But It’s For Your Phone)

A brand new Dynasty Warriors is coming, but this time it’ll be on mobile.

Dynasty Warriors is the hack and slash game that basically invented horde-mode action. In Dynasty Warriors, you play as a legendary Chinese general from the Three Kingdoms era. However, your combat prowess is so exaggerated that you’ll take down a dozen soldiers with a single swipe of your sword. Which is good, because you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of enemies to defeat at every stage of the game.

Although when I say “Dynasty Warriors,” I’m actually referring to the whole franchise. That’s 9 games across every console and handheld system since the original PlayStation, with a few versions even jumping to PC. There are also over a dozen spinoff games that tie-in other franchises like Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Dynasty Warriors: Hyrule Warriors, and animes spinoffs like Fist of the North Star, Berserk, and One Piece.

There’s only one arena left that Dynasty Warriors has not conquered, and that’s mobile devices. But according to a new report, it won’t take long for Dynasty Warriors to arrive there too.

The report comes from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who tweeted out an introductory video that showcases a brand new Dynasty Warriors game for your phone. It’s being made by Koei Tecmo’s mobile studio and so far seems to be aimed squarely at China. Pre-registration for a closed beta is currently underway, but it’s only open to Chinese residents.

According to the tweets, this game will have all the classic hallmarks of a Dynasty Warriors game, including huge battles, the Musou combo system, some basic RPG elements, and some sweet hack-‘n-slash action. It’ll also have some city construction and custom story modes that will likely tie-in with all the Generals from the previous games.

Mobile games are huge in China, and with Dynasty Warriors’ patriotic subject matter, this could be a huge draw for the Chinese market. Sadly, there’s no word on a Western release, but if it’s successful in China, it might be enough for Koei to invest in an English translation.

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