A coward’s guide to scary video games – Reader’s Feature

A reader lists the scariest moment he’s ever encountered in video games, from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to Resident Evil 7.

Since it’s Halloween I thought I’d take a look into some of the games and things that have spooked me.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – the blood moon rises

Why does this game creep me out? It’s a family friendly kids’ game for goodness sake, and yet the music has a way to unsettle you. I think the creepiest thing though is what enemies may rise during the blood moon. Still, I guess it’s unsettling rather than out and out scary, unless you re-awaken a Lynel that is.
Soiled pants rating: 2/10 (just a light marking)

Batman: Arkham Knight – the Man-Bat

The Arkham games have always been slightly creepy, the mortuary scene during the first game, the weird robot things in Wonder City in the second game. However, the biggest fright is the jump scare when you first encounter the Man-Bat in Arkham Knight. After the initial scare though, things aren’t too bad.

Soiled pants rating: 4/10 (that might leave a stain)

Resident Evil – zombie dogs

The first Resident Evil was the first out-and-out horror game I played. I don’t recall much of the game and never completed it. However, I still recall the horror of running past a window and it shattering as zombie dogs attacked me. Surely one of the best jump scares ever and the fact the horror doesn’t stop there, the dogs chasing you down the corridor makes it more effective than most.

Soiled pants rating: 6/10 (better get the Vanish)

Far Cry 5 – the haunted house

Again, it’s embarrassingly another game that really shouldn’t scare me, but yet it does. It was a toss-up between the prepper stash where you go into the underground caverns and there’s a load of bliss infected ‘Angels’ creeping about and the haunted house prepper stash. Why does it freak me out? It’s a stupid haunted house. Even real ones scare me less. Kudos Ubisoft, now I can’t sleep.

Soiled pants rating: 7/10 (that’ll need a hot wash)

Resident Evil 2 remake – Mr. X

God, there’s so much in this game that gives me chills. The first licker encounter, the gas station at the beginning of the game. Another close runner-up was the section with the mortuary and the cells where the car park is, that whole bit was tense. However, in the end it’s anytime Mr. X appears. He may have a jaunty hat that you can shoot off and his name may sound like a twitter handle but that doesn’t matter when he’s so damn relentless in his pursuit. I panic every time I hear those ominous footsteps.

Soiled pants rating: 8/10 (ring the dry cleaners)

The Last Of Us Part 2 – Rat King
For some weird reason when I’m playing the parts of the game where Ellie/Abby have a companion I’m OK. Ahhhh Joel you big brute with your manly beard you’ll protect me from the bloater. And you Lev, even though you’re half Abby’s size, can save me from the scary monsters. But when I have to go it alone it becomes more unnerving.

The best example of this is the surgical care unit section. I’d already seen a spoiler for this part of the game but if anything it made me more on edge. It’s so tense and atmospheric and when the Rat King eventually arrives it’s terrifying and when it breaks apart and there’s the stalker scurrying about it is even more unsettling.

Soiled pants rating: 9/10 (better go to the shops for new trousers)

Resident Evil 7 – all of it (especially VR mode)
As someone who got to experience the first few original games on PS1 I was interested in playing the latest instalment after reviews proclaimed it as a return to form for the series. The first person view just makes things more intense. Playing the game, I managed to get just past the first fight with Jack in the garage before I gave up because I was too damn scared.

When I purchased PlayStation VR I decided I wasn’t going to let it beat me but this time around I barely made it into the house before I gave up. The VR mode was even freakier. I’m a 36-year-old man with two kids who’s worked in A&E for 10 years and been able to deal with all sorts of horrible and crazy things but yet I can’t finish a video game because I’m too scared. The shame.

Soiled pants rating: 10/10 (it’s on the sofa and carpets, you’ve ruined the upholstery)

Happy Halloween people, especially my eldest daughter who will turn five on Halloween. Seems quite apt, after all there’s nothing scarier than the responsibility of parenthood.

By reader Matc7884


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