8 Likable Characters Who Turn Out To Be The Bad Guys

Games can be simple, but there can also be a rollercoaster of twists and turns in both gameplay and story. Though the focus will always be on the character you're playing, it's the supporting characters and cast who give life to the experience.

While many of them won't be fully developed, there are those who will make your way into your adventure and find that soft spot to make you like them or even look forward to when they do appear. That being said, it can be quite hurtful when a character you've grown to trust and adore stabs you right in the back.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

8 Atlas

When BioShock came out, it was exciting to see just how advanced graphics had become. The sunken city of Rapture is supported by sharp visuals and incredible water effects. It's both a desolate and dangerous environment where you need every single thing you can get your hands on to give you a fighting chance.

What's worse is that you're alone for most of the journey which is why it's so comforting when you meet Atlas. Though you mostly interact with him on the radio, his support and guidance prove invaluable to your survival. He also aids you in finding ways to make it safely through Rapture and hopefully escape. That's why it hits hard when those hopes are dashed after Atlas reveals that he's the true villain, and you're simply a means to an end.

7 Hakon

Dying Light thrusts you into a city consumed by a deadly virus mutating humans into flesh-eating monsters and by the time of the sequel, it has consumed the world. Society has collapsed with whatever humans remain living in scattered settlements. Almost everyone has been infected with the virus and needs to go to certain lengths to keep it under wraps.

When Aiden finds himself infected and about to be executed, it's Hakon who comes to his rescue. He acts as your first real friend in this harsh world, showing you the ropes, getting you in touch with helpful people, and providing support in your mission. Hakon becomes a buddy, and it hurts when he tells you that he works for the man responsible for all of Aiden's suffering.

6 Talion

In Shadow Of Mordor, we were introduced to the hero Talion, a ranger of Gondor who loses his family and his life to Sauron's forces. He returns in Shadow Of War in an attempt to decimate Sauron's forces with an army of his own using Celebrimdor's power.

Since he's the main character, you get familiar with Talion to the point where you're rooting for him to win and avenge his family. You want to use his skills and new powers in order to defeat the ultimate evil which feels within reach. Unfortunately, his desire for power and vengeance goes so strong that he succumbs to the allure of a ring of power becoming a new Ringwraith.

5 Jane

Telltale Games made legions of people cry with their take on The Walking Dead. It was season one where we were introduced to Clementine, an innocent little girl at the end of the world. She becomes the lead in season two as she takes what she's learned in order to keep surviving and cautiously interacts with the people around her.

Though she meets many, she develops a rapport with Jane, a young woman, and fellow survivor. As they talk and spend more time together, they start to behave like siblings with Jane becoming something like an older sister to Clementine. It's not until the final season that Jane's true colors are revealed as a deceptive psychopath and Clementine's trust is destroyed.

4 Mustache Girl

The 3D platformer genre is alive and well thanks to the efforts of titles like A Hat In Time. As the hero is known only as the Hat Kid, you'll explore a bunch of colorfully themed worlds while collecting everything sparkly. You'll also meet a cast of dynamic characters who will help, ask for help, or get in your way. The first you'll meet is an energetic adventurer called the Mustache Girl.

She immediately befriends the Hat Kid before taking them on a tour of the first world, showing them how to get around, and helping them take down enemies. However, her realization of the Hat Kid's time collectibles causes her to want to use them to destroy all the bad guys and the world they live in. The Hat Kid refuses, so the Mustache Girl takes matters into her own hands, cursing their former friend, and becoming the true villain.

3 Solus

Owlboy is a modern take on retro pixel platformers with more freedom of movement, serious stakes, and an interesting way to fight back. Though you'll meet several companions on your quest who'll lend you their shooting skills, there's also quite a lot of significance in the supporting cast. Though Otis is not the most accomplished student in his school, there's another who gets dunked on even more named Solus.

He's very shy, quiet, and gets bullied for his cowardice. Because of this, you develop sympathy for him and feel bad that there's nothing you can do to help. He acts as a foil to Otis, but completely catches everyone off-guard when he makes his way into the big bad's favor in order to gather all the powerful artifacts for himself. It comes to a head when the former classmates have to face off for the fate of their world.

2 Six

If there's a perfect blend of creepy and cute, it can be found in Little Nightmares. This 3D puzzle-platformer follows a little girl in a yellow raincoat named Six as she tries to escape a horrible place called the Maw. During the journey, she'll encounter ravenous and twisted adults trying to do unspeakable things to her.

All she has is her wit and determination to make it through, and you want to make sure that she does. Sadly, she doesn't make it through unscathed and begins to change. She periodically suffers from hunger pangs culminating in her killing and eating a friendly creature called a Nome. Finally, after defeating the villain, Six viciously tears into her neck and takes her dark power for herself allowing her to consume the life forces of other beings.

1 Brad

There are many dark and unnerving things about the RPG LISA: The Painful and you'll encounter plenty of them. They'll take the form of the strange characters you'll meet as well as the grotesque mutants warped by a mysterious drug. The story follows Brad, a tragic tough guy who survived an event that wiped out all females.

When he finds a young baby girl, he names her Buddy and devotes his life to raising and protecting her. When she gets kidnapped as a teenager, Brad goes on a rampage across the devastated world, killing anyone and destroying anything that gets in his way. Though you start on his side, Brad gives in to rage and becomes concerned only with what he wants while completely ignoring how his behavior has affected Buddy and what she wants.

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