5 things that should be in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – Reader’s Feature

A reader offers his advice on how to tackle the Breath Of The Wild sequel, including better bosses and a playable Princess Zelda.

So I think most people accept that Nintendo had the best conference (or whatever you want to call it at E3) and that it was the Breath Of The Wild sequel annoucement that sealed the deal. We don’t really know anything about it yet but the impression the trailer gave was of something a bit more serious than the last game, with more of a horror vibe. With the comparison to Majora’s Mask being the obvious one.

Whether it’s set in Hyrule or not isn’t really clear, as you could interpret the castle taking off as meaning it isn’t but that’s really all I think you can draw from what they showed. So in the absence of any more actual facts here’s my five suggestions of what should definitely be in it.

1. Playable Zelda. Princess Zelda was already in the trailer more than you’d expect so they may already been hinting at this but it is high time we had her as a proper playable character. We had an excellent Reader’s Feature on this in general a little while ago and I completely agree with it. I hope that they give her a new voice actress as the one in Breath Of The Wild was terrible and made her feel like even more of a wimp than she already was.

As for what Zelda would actually do, I think the obvious thing is to focus her on magic and her bow, while Link concentrates on his sword and gadgets. Mix it up like that and even add a co-op mod if you can, that’d be great.

2. Keep the destructible weapons. I know people complained about this but I think a lot of it was a kind of laziness. New weapons were always easy to find and having to balance your collection and mix and match against enemies worked great. If it didn’t work like that then everyone would just use the Master Sword and that would be the end of it.

What I would do though is make them just a little more durable and add the option to repair them if you want, with rupees or at a special place. I’d also figure out a better way to handle the Master Sword. Just having it not work (what happened, did the blade just fall off or something?) was lame. Have it gradually degrade in power and then build up in strength would’ve made much more sense.

3. Improve the graphics. I know that sounds like kind of a shallow request but Breath Of The Wild was made for the Wii U and that held back the final version quite a bit. The teaser doesn’t really look any better and yet we’ve seen how good Switch graphics can be – certainly better than this and I’d like to see the sequel really push the system and have the best visuals on Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks amazing, for example, and Zelda should be at least that good.

4. More and bigger dungeons. I’m not saying that they have to go back to the old school dungeon designs but I’d like to see less but bigger shrines at least – maybe interlink some of them so they become like a multi-part puzzle. Most importantly though, and again this might sound a little shallow, they need to vary the interior design. I hated that they all looked the same inside, even the Divine Beasts.

5. Better bosses. My biggest problem with the original game is that the bosses were completely lame and much too similar. I found this very odd as Zelda is usually very good at this and the boss in the DLC was much better than anything in the standard game. Obviously, I don’t know what the story is going to be but I don’t want to see it get in the way of varied and unpredictable bosses, as I think that was the problem with the first game. Nobody cares about the story in Zelda, it should be all about the game.

By reader Tangle

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