5 Million PlayStation VR’s Have now Been Sold

The PlayStation VR has proved to be a success for Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) since its launch in 2016, so much so that the company releases sales figures from time to time. During Sony’s press conference at CES 2020 in Las Vegas today it was revealed that 5 million PlayStation VR’s have now been sold.

While 5 million may not sound like a lot in comparison to the 106 million PlayStation 4’s sold, the figure still represents a sizable consumer install base where virtual reality (VR) developers are concerned.

It’s difficult to compare to rivals like Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest or HTC Vive for example because neither of those companies ever reveal hardware sales figures. The closest idea of PC VR used figures comes from the Steam Hardware Survey which is entirely optional to opt into, so the results can vary and certainly don’t proved actual headset numbers.

The success of PlayStation VR has been intertwined with the success of PlayStation 4, with so many consoles in people’s homes its an easy add-on for gaming fans. While PlayStation VR’s ease of use, comfort and library of videogames are its biggest plus points, VR has advanced considerably in the last three years. This makes PlayStation VR’s technology look a little dated in comparison to rivals, especially where PlayStation Move is concerned.

SIE was also ensured PlayStation VR’s sales continue by offering lots of new deals, bundling the headset with new videogames or slashing the price – like the recent Black Friday sales which saw a sub £200 offering.

For the meantime PlayStation VR’s future is still secure, as the headset has already been confirmed as supporting the upcoming PlayStation 5 console due to arrive at the end of the year. Patents have surfaced regarding possible PlayStation VR 2 designs including built0in cameras for inside-out tracking or wireless options.

PlayStation VR will need to be updated eventually but at the moment SIE doesn’t seem to be rushing into anything whilst the headset is still popular and selling well. VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR, reporting back with the latest content announcements and more.

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