12 PS1 Games We Want To See Included In PlayStation Plus Premium

Sony has announced some major changes to its Playstation Plus subscription. The service has been divided into three separate tiers, with its Essential tier offering the same perks available with the original Playstation Plus subscription. The new Extra membership level secures fans a selection of PS4 and PS5 games, while the more pricey Premium tier also includes a vast collection of legacy Playstation titles spanning each of its older consoles.

Included in this timeless catalog of games will be a selection of titles from the original Playstation, which means the service will feature some of Sony's earliest and most beloved titles. There are countless games that could make the roster, from well-known masterpieces to underappreciated cult classics. Here are some of the games that we hope will make the list.

12 Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is one of the most unique role-playing games of its time. Developed by Square Enix, the game has been loosely connected to titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, but it's certainly its own beast, with a more fluid and action-packed combat system than Square's other turn-based titles of the time.

Combine this with weapon crafting, a gorgeous aesthetic, and a dark and engaging story, and you've got one of the most underrated RPGs on the PS1.

11 Syphon Filter 2

Before Days Gone, Bend Studios were the creators of Syphon Filter, a stealth action series that debuted on the original Playstation. The games star Gabe Logan, a special agent of the US government tasked with defeating German terrorists and putting a stop to the biological weapon that gives the series its name.

Syphon Filter 2 was praised upon release for its intense story and innovations on the original's gameplay, spawning even more sequels and spinoffs over the years. Including this classic in the collection of PS Plus Premium titles could introduce it to an even wider audience of Playstation fans.

10 Bloody Roar 2

When it comes to retired fighting games, few are held as dearly as Bloody Roar. The 3D fighter made a huge splash in the late 90s in both arcades and on the original Playstation, with players falling in love with its unique mechanic of allowing each character to transform into a different beast or animal.

The original Bloody Roar is still beloved, but Bloody Roar 2 remains the fan-favorite and our most desired addition to PS Plus Premium.

9 Mega Man Legends

When a hugely successful game series like Mega Man releases a spinoff with significantly different gameplay mechanics, the results can sometimes be mixed. This isn't the case with Mega Man Legends, the PS1 action RPG starring the famous blue bomber.

A major departure from the side-scrolling gameplay of the main Mega Man series, this story-driven adventure managed to capture the hearts of fans with its unique mechanics and approachable gameplay, seeing both a direct sequel and a spinoff released on Sony's original gaming machine.

8 The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon is the very definition of a cult classic. The RPG was released in the heart of the Playstation's Final Fantasy renaissance, and its apocalypse-focused plot and lovely pre-rendered environments certainly drew many comparisons, which says a lot about the level of quality the game set out to achieve.

Regardless of the comparisons, The Legend of Dragoon was able to etch out its own passionate fan base, with its unconventional combat system in particular setting it apart from other RPGs. Its combination of turn-based battles and timing-based button commands made for a surprisingly unique experience. In an era full of excellent role-playing games, The Legend of Dragoon still managed to stand out.

7 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Castlevania series is one of gaming's most acclaimed properties. It spans back to the days of the Super Nintendo, but the PS1's Symphony of the Night is arguably the fan-favorite. Forgoing the series' tradition of putting a member of the Belmont family in the lead role, the game stars Alucard, Dracula's rebellious and powerful son.

As the offspring of the world's most powerful vampire, you're equipped with a suite of attacks, abilities, and weapons that will help you to explore Dracula's castle and defeat legions of undead enemies. This undeniable classic hasn't lost its replay value to this day.

6 Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is another departure from Square Enix's typical fair. Serving as a sequel to Hideaki Sena's novel of the same name, the game is a horror-themed action RPG set in New York City in the wake of a horrific and catastrophic event.

You play as Aya Brea, a local police officer tasked with investigating the crisis. With its real-time combat system and mature themes, this action-packed title was well ahead of its time, becoming a hit on the Playstation and spawning two sequels as well as a manga adaptation.

5 Final Fantasy 9

There are a number of excellent Final Fantasy titles available on the original Playstation, and some consider it the golden age of the series, if not the greatest era of RPGs in general. And while Final Fantasy 7 is by far the most popular title from this period, Final Fantasy 9 is just as deserving of a place in this catalog.

Often cited as the culmination of the PS1 era of Final Fantasy titles, 9 packed in so much of what made this particular trilogy of mainline titles stand out, while also hearkening back to the classics of the series with its medieval setting and story. It would also help to increase the game's relevance ahead of its animated adaptation.

4 Wipeout 2097

Wipeout is one of the most popular racing game series in Playstation's history. The fast-paced futuristic titles have a large place in the hearts of many fans, and Wipeout 2097 is one of the series' most popular entries.

As the sequel to the original Wipeout, the game expands on its predecessor in almost every way, with tighter controls, better graphics, and more content.

3 Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper deserves to be included in this collection based on its uniqueness alone. It's not often that gamers are treated to a hip hop-themed, narrative rhythm game starring an anthropomorphic dog and his sunflower girlfriend.

The game is pretty weird, but it also works, with a charming presentation and addictive songs that will be stuck in your head for weeks. This one is worth experiencing for any Playstation fan.

2 Final Fantasy Tactics

A spinoff of the main Final Fantasy line of games, Final Fantasy Tactics was the series' first foray into turn-based strategy. The game was met with widespread acclaim, with many still considering it one of the best games in the entire franchise.

The game's heavy lore and world-building also helped bring the land of Ivalice to life, to the point where multiple other Square Enix titles took place in the region, such as Final Fantasy 12 and the aforementioned Vagrant Story. There are even references to the game in Final Fantasy 14's version of Ivalice.

1 Intelligent Qube

Intelligent Qube is a title that not every Playstation fan will be familiar with, but those who know it adore it. The intense puzzle game puts you in control of a small man standing atop a long platform made of multiple rows of cubes (qubes?). As each level starts, cubes toward the back end of the platform will rise and begin moving toward you, one row at a time.

Your task is to delete these cubes one by one before you're crushed by them. This is made more challenging by the threat of the blocks you're meant to delete reaching the end of the platform, which will delete one row of the cubes you're standing on and limit your space to move. The addictive gameplay, artistic presentation, and excellent soundtrack make this a true hidden gem that deserves a place in this collection.

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