10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for over a week now and players are working through it insanely fast, despite all the bugs and save file issues inadvertently attempting to stop them. The main story might not be incredibly long, but there’s a ton of side content overall.

That said, there are a lot of little features, hidden mechanics, or secret objectives that players have just straight-up missed or misunderstood, so let’s take a look at some of the more prominent ones.

Disclaimer: Slight story spoilers ahead.

10 There Are Hidden Optional Objectives/Results For Some Missions

V Can Rescue Goro Takemura

Goro Takemura is a surprisingly likable character, especially considering his Corpo background. But, this likeability is extra depressing thanks to his lackluster and out-of-nowhere demise at the climax of a certain story mission. But, saving Goro during this event doesn’t pop up as an optional objective, at least not until the player finds him. We don’t want to spoil too much, so for anyone worried about when this happens, just look up what mission involves saving Takemura.

V Can Get Meredith Stout Killed By Millitech

Additionally, in contrast to Goro’s miracle rescue, Meredith Stout is an early game character that V can unintentionally get killed. Basically, it requires players to accept Stout’s proposed plan in “The Pickup” mission and then either siding with Maelstrom or paying for the Flathead out of pocket. And, as an added little secret when all is said and done, V can actually find Meredith’s body weighed down in the ocean not long after.

9 Players Can Quicksave During Conversations

This one is simple and doesn’t need much explanation, but it’s something players for some reason don’t even think of trying. Essentially, V can Quick Save/Hard Save during conversations with people, as long as they aren’t in combat. This doesn’t change much, but it does allow players to save, try a dialog option, reload, and try all the others without too much time lost. Or, alternatively, it lets them quicksave right before a fight starts in response to a dialog choice.

8 Stealing Cars Is More Complicated Than It Seems

There’s so much that people don’t know about vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, specifically how stealing them works.

  • Stealing Parked Cars: This actually is determined by Technical Ability, not the Body Attribute. And, the nicer the car, the higher the Tech requirement will be. Doesn’t apply to Gang Member cars though (usually).
  • Stealing Cars From Drivers: Pulling this off is what’s based on the Body Attribute score. Again, like parked cars, the higher the requirement, the nicer the car likely is.
  • Stealing Cars Without Any Requirement: This is for those who don’t want to bother with either of those methods. Just pop a couple of shots into any car, even armored ones, and the NPC will just run away screaming. Then, V can hop in and drive away!

7 Different NCPD Hustles Have Different Benefits

Most sites talking about the NCPD Hustles in Cyberpunk 2077 are so incredibly useful, and each one has items/resources players are more likely to gain by completing them. So, let’s break down what people usually stand to gain from each one based on the type of crime:

  • Assault In Progress: A mob of enemies V has to tear through, has a high chance of some Epic gear in the objective container/body.
  • Reported Crime: Usually just a body V finds a shard on that points to a hidden stash of items. Some of the bodies have Skill Shards on them and the stash is typically just a small pile of decent gear
  • Suspected Organized Crime Activity: The most involved activities, as it usually requires V taking on an entire building of gang/militia members. Players can almost always find at least one Crafting Spec during these, and it seems to be the best way outside of going shop-to-shop to acquire these recipes.
  • Hidden Gems: These are the NCPD Hustles that not many people know even count, considering they don’t have icons on the map. They usually amount to V stumbling upon a body, looting a Legendary or Epic item, and finding out what happened through the Shard found on the corpse.

6 Skill Progression Rewards Aren’t Always Predictable

We’re sure players have learned by now that the max level for skill progression is equal to the max level for its attribute, such as blades capping out at 9 if Reflexes are at 9. But, have players actually looked at all the passive bonuses gained from each Skill Tree per level? A ton of these levels just grant an extra Skill Point, but some grant some oddly unrelated bonuses. Here are some examples:

  • LVL4 Breach Protocol: Increases Components acquired by 10%
  • LVL6 Stealth: Increases: Health Regen Rate outside of combat by 10%
  • LVL16 Cold Blood: Increases Movement Speed by 3%

There aren’t a ton of these odd-man-out Skill rewards, but there are enough to warrant players to vary their Attribute point distribution at least a little bit.

5 The Scanner Can Mark Just About Anything

How many people knew that V can mark not just enemies but items & interactables while scanning? This can prove not only useful for the hoarder-type players, but it’s also great for marking Access points for people who don’t have the Extended Network Interface Perk or marking explosive crates to avoid standing too close to them.

4 Stop All Those Long Kill Animations

Mantis Blades seem to be the Arm cyberware of choice for a lot of people, which makes sense because they’re very strong. The only problem is, the kill animation for this thing is so slow, and V isn’t invincible during it.

So, if players get stuck in one of these animations during a firefight, it’s a death sentence. There’s an easy fix for this, as it turns out. Simply equip the Target Analysis Mod on V’s Optic Cyberware, and all weapons become nonlethal! This means that most of these animations don’t play anymore, which should make more melee builds viable overall.

3 Players Exploring Blue Dialog Sometimes Get Extra Gold Dialog

Let’s be honest, the dialog options in Cyberpunk 2077 are incredibly lackluster. Only a few of these choices ever actually lead to anything different, and they’re not very different from the dialog options in any other game. But, it’s not all bad, as players who take the time and investigate every optional dialog choice are sometimes rewarded with additional options to progress the conversation. Usually, these extra choices lead to better rewards or alternate paths, so there’s an actual reward for players immersed in the characters & setting.

2 The List Of Crafting Skill Features A.K.A Exploits

Now, let’s talk about how broken the Crafting System is. Now, this isn’t something people completely missed, actually, tons of players are actively abusing this imbalance. But, there are some aspects of it that not many people know about.

  • All Iconic Weapons automatically have their crafting specs unlocked at every rarity as soon as V picks them up.
  • Tons of the items V is able to craft actually break down for more components than they cost to make, such as the Epic EMP Grenade which crafts from common & uncommon components, yet breaks down into rare and epic components.
  • Players can buy all the liquids at a vending machine and break them down into components that are worth more than the liquid itself or what it cost to buy them.
  • The Tune-Up Perk is currently not worth it because there’s no way to craft multiple items at once. This desperately needs a quality-of-life fix. 

Be Warned: people who want to mess around with the crafting should know that currently there’s a save file corruption bug for all versions of Cyberpunk based on its size. Crafting a bunch of items, components, or mods can actively increase this file size by a bunch, so be careful.

1 Bring A Knife To Those Fist Fights

Alright so after all this, let’s finally end things on a straight-up exploit, which is the workaround for the Beat on the Brat boxing matches. These fights are broken in so many ways, are full of forgettable characters, and can be a real pain. And, the fights really ramp up in difficulty, especially on Hard/Very Hard. So, to get around these broken lumps of flesh V has to fight, just drop a melee weapon into the arena before talking to the NPC. Then, once the fight starts, just run over and press whatever button/key “Equip” would be & V can use that weapon the rest of the fight.

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