10 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a game that has seen the many ups and downs MMO’s are notorious for. A rocky start had lead to skepticism for its longevity but, as time has shown, it has slowly turned into a content-rich game world worthy of any adventurer ready to try their sea legs.

Like any game this size, or any game at all for that matter, there are always simple mistakes that people make consistently. While trial and error will reveal that ideas like storing powder kegs on board during a sea battle or using a Blunderbuss from a far distance are generally poor ideas, you could opt to learn from the mistakes of others and never make them to begin with! Here are 10 mistakes everyone makes while playing Sea of Thieves.

10 Do Not Start Alone

What does it take to run a tight ship? A faithful crew. Though there are some experienced pirates in the wild, one of the earliest mistakes made when embarking on a new adventure is not having enough crewmates or going solo. It can be done solo but then the adventure and experiences are limited. This also leads to vulnerability. During a battle with other ships, can you repair yours during the fight and command the ship all at the same time? Not many can. Get a crew and lead them to plunder and riches.

9 Don’t Attack Ships Higher Than You

A mistake that gets made a lot is trying to take on ships way bigger than you. Going into battle underpowered and understocked is already a mistake. Going against a ship that is bigger, stronger, and better stocked also means they probably have a crew that mans all the appointed areas. Mistake? Absolutely. The bigger they are the harder they fall, but not always. Be smart, plan ahead, and be cautious when entering battle.

8 Don’t Go Exploring Unarmed

Hitting up all the islands for loot, bounty, supplies, and adventure? Do not go unarmed. Always have weapons at the ready. You never know who is on the other side waiting for an unarmed victim to kill, loot, and steal from. Be at the ready, after all, these are Pirate waters and it is called Sea of Thieves for a reason.

7 Don’t Leave For The Open Seas With No Supplies

Heading out into the open waters? Got your supplies? Do you have enough for your crew? Always spend that extra little bit of time at port stocking your ship. Leaving port with not enough supplies for your adventures. A common mistake made is not having enough food and munitions. It all comes down to being prepared.

6 Not Knowing The Layout Of Your Ship

If you have been sailing with one ship for a while, chances are you’ve memorized the layout. There’s nothing like sailing the open seas then suddenly getting attacked by opposing pirates (or even the Kraken) and not getting around your ship smoothly because you didn’t get to know the layout. The more time you invest in exploring the ship over and over, the more efficient you’ll become.

5 Use Your Sails Properly People!

Use the sails to your advantage, Speed up with them down, slow down with them up, use them to help you corner and get the advantage in high seas battles. Use them also to slow down when coming to islands as well. Raise the sails and cruise into an almost perfect stop when you reach the islands.

4 Don’t Anchor Into Islands

One big mistake when coming up to islands is anchoring rather than coasting in with sails lifted. When you land on an island, float in. Anchoring takes time and if you are required to leave in a hurry then you can lower sails and leave with haste. Raising anchors means you have to go to the anchoring lever and manually lift the anchor all the way. In the meantime, you’re getting boarded, looted, attacked, and whatever other horrible Pirate things can happen while you’re raising your anchor.

3 Don’t Use The Blunderbuss Beyond Close Range

Sure this gun is easy to use and has a strong impact, but only at close range. It’s a one-shot one-kill kinda thing but it has to be almost at arm’s length. You are almost in close range/melee range when firing this weapon for full effect. There is no doubt this gun is popular. Fan-made models and custom builds fill the screen when you search Blunderbuss — just make sure you’re using it properly.

2 Don’t Stock Too Many Black Powder Kegs

The convenience of powder kegs goes without saying. There are many different angles to consider when it comes to having powder kegs on board or not. Check any of the forums and you will always see two-sided arguments. Keeping them on board for use when needed is smart for some, but there is no denying that it makes the ship extremely volatile. You never know when you are being watched through a spyglass, and if the kegs are seen or suspected, one well placed shot and the ship and crew are done for. The general consensus is better safe than sorry.

1 Do Not Forget Food

Who would go onto an island or out to sea without food? A huge oversight in the excitement of adventure is not bringing food resources along with you. Like in real life, if we don’t refuel our bodies bad things can happen. The key to health recovery is food. Cooking food in Sea of Thieves renders food into its highest health recovery potential. Any food can be cooked into 4 different categories of doneness, but of course, you need to have the food to begin with!

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