10 Legend of Zelda Items Your Crush Will Love

Happy Valentine's Day! On this heart-filled holiday, all you lovebirds probably only have one thing on your mind: your crush. More specifically, how to tell your crush that you like them. If you want to give them something a little more meaningful than a card with a confession written on it, why not give your crush a gift from The Legend of Zelda?

Ever since its 1986 release, this series has provided its heroes with a bountiful array of impressive items. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for your special someone amongst these treasures. But if you're still unsure of which gift will impress your crush, we're here to help. Here are our top picks for items that your crush will love.

10 Fireshield Earrings

Starting off, why don't you gift your crush a brand-new pair of earrings? But not just any earrings, give them the Fireshield Earrings. Your crush is sure to smile when they see this red, hooped accessory with a flame motif. Originally found in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Fireshield Earrings not only look good, but also prevent its user from receiving additional burn damage.

Sure, Link could still be hurt by a fiery attack, but with these earrings equipped, he no longer had to worry about being set on fire. By giving this to your crush, they could traverse any flame dungeon and look fabulous while doing so.

9 Power Bracelet

If your crush's ears aren't pierced, don't worry! The Legend of Zelda series is filled with other stunning jewelry that you can gift to your special someone. Like the Power Bracelet. This eye-catching bangle has made an appearance in multiple Zelda titles and, you guessed it, gives Link a power boost.

Has your crush been dropping hints about wanting to stylishly lift a boulder that's been in the way? With this fancy bracelet, now they can. Plus, depending on which game you get this item from, you'll be giving your crush either a singular bracelet with a large gem or two golden bracelets. So, if your crush doesn't like one design, they can switch it for the other.

8 Pegasus Boots

Boot season is back. And even if it wasn't, your crush would love this pair of winged shoes. The Pegasus Boots have appeared in several Zelda games, and their sole purpose is to help Link run faster. Yup, after equipping this fancy footwear, Link can fashionably sprint across Hyrule. He can even defeat enemies along the way.

Your crush will love how these boots pair with any outfit, especially the green ones, and how they can zoom past that hectic weekday traffic. No need for buses and trains when these boots can get you anywhere.

7 Bee Badge

Giving your crush flowers is fine, but what if those flowers attract a swarm of angry bees? That could turn your romantic gesture into a very dangerous situation. Luckily, there is a gift you can give your crush that will make those bees act sweeter than honey. That being the Bee Badge, an optional item Link can pick up in A Link Between Worlds.

With this charming badge, any bee that Link comes across will no longer attack him. In fact, these buzzing creatures will aid him and attack enemies. So rest assured, your crush will feel like a queen with these bees protecting them.

6 Skull Hammer

If accessories and footwear aren't your crush's thing, and they desire something that is a bit more smashing, then why not give them a hammer? But don't give them any old regular hardware store hammer. Give them the coolest, biggest, most awesome hammer in the series, the Skull Hammer from Wind Waker.

This hammer can help protect the object of your affection against enemies as big as the Helmaroc King and as small as a ChuChu. Plus, this weapon's eerily epic skull design is sure to make your crush's badass side stand up and applaud.

5 Paraglider

If you really want to sail straight into your crush's heart, the Paraglider is the gift to give. Though many variations of this item have appeared across the franchise, the best iteration is the Paraglider you get in Breath of the Wild. This gift can sail your crush across any distance and help slow their descent if they're falling down.

However, the best feature this item has to offer is not its cool design but the gliding opportunities it presents your crush with. With it, they can take in breathtaking views of the world during sunrise and sunset, perform the greatest cannonball ever if they float over a body of water, and fly over enemies without alerting them. It's a pretty cool item, one that you might also want to gift to yourself.

4 Fairy Tonic

If you want to give your crush something truly magical, then try gifting them a bottle of Fairy Tonic. Don't worry, there are no fairies in this pink potion, only fairy dust. Not only does this tonic come in an adorable, wing-shaped bottle, but it can also recover your crush's health if they are feeling down.

The tonic is relatively easy to make and costs nothing if you're good at finding ingredients. Although, if you make this tonic using a fairy and a monster part, don't tell your crush which part you used. Not everybody likes receiving something that has Moblin Guts in it.

3 Creamy Heart Soup

Chocolates and candies are great gifts to give, but what if your crush doesn’t want those types of sweets? What if they want something warmer and soupier? If that’s the case, why not whip them up a hearty bowl of Creamy Heart Soup. This special soup is a meal item from Breath of the Wild and is made up of fruits, like the Hydromelon and the Voltfruit, as well as milk and a hearty radish.

Even the Creamy Heart Soup's image is adorable, with a large heart garnishing the top of the pink stew. Plus, the meal is said to bring two people closer together if they share it. How's that for a romantic gesture?

2 Heart Container

Even though heart-shaped objects are cute, why not take it up a notch and give your crush the greatest heart of them all, a Heart Container. The Heart Container is a helpful item that increases Link's total health points, thus giving him more strength for his journey.

This item's design has become more and more elaborate over the years, with Breath of the Wild's red ruby Heart and gold decorations resembling a fancy piece of jewelry. If you give this to your crush, their heart will definitely skip a beat.

1 Master Sword

If all else fails and you're still clueless about what to get your crush, then get them the blade of evil's bane itself, the Master Sword. Who wouldn't say no to this powerful weapon? Not only is its design an iconic and timeless masterpiece, but it also shoots sword beams when your crush is feeling fully rested.

The sword is also a legendary item, one that the people of Hyrule all know but few have seen. With this blade, your crush will be the talk of the town and might even be able to go on heroic adventures. Hopefully, you’ll get to join their party.

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